2021 Tech Solutions and Predictions for Shippers & Carriers

The latest technology available to shippers and other freight professionals isn’t just interesting to read about, it’s now become crucial in order to stay competitive and successful within this industry.

For example:

Shippers have recently been experiencing substantial increases in efficiency and productivity with ELD Bundle solutions that include new electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) and electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD). Paperless and contact-less processes like these don’t just improve safety and the bottom line, but address carbon neutral goals too. That's why it's predicted 2021 will see an influx of shippers and carriers adopting these processes.

Advances in mobile applications technology and state-of-the-art software now offer complete load visibility and touch-free document delivery and signing. After a significantly increased need for contact-less document delivery & retrieval in 2020 due to the pandemic, paperless tech was implemented by many businesses initially for safety reasons... What shippers, carriers, and brokers discovered was that it wasn't just helping keep workers safer by allowing for distancing and paperwork sending via the cloud, it was also saving time and significantly increasing the bottom line. 

Adoption of paperless and contact-less solutions is expected to increase in 2021, with more technology based around safety, efficiency, and "going green" expected to continue to be developed in the years to come.

Technology has truly become necessary in the freight industry to remain competitive and continue growth. So, find out today how you can become a shipper of choice just like these guys did

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