The Data Behind In-Cab Alert Technology and How It’s Improving Driver Safety

Join Drivewyze on March 12 to see the data behind new in-cab alert technology and how it’s improving driver safety.

Hundreds of thousands of commercial vehicles travel across the United States every day, operated by drivers who are focused on continuously changing road conditions and other driving tasks, all of which may cause them to miss critical road sign warnings about hazards, such as steep grades, high rollover locations, and low bridges.

So how can we mitigate these risks?

Our partner, Drivewyze, has a no-cost webinar coming up on Thursday, March 12th titled Improving Driver Safety with In-Cab Hazard-Based Warnings. In the webinar they’ll explain first-hand how hazard location alerts integrated directly into your Transflo in-cab device are effectively reducing preventable accidents.

You’ll also learn:

  • the true impact risky driving conditions and driver behaviors have on overall driver safety,
  • how one of North America’s largest fleets significantly improved driver safety over the course of a multi-year pilot, and
  • the tangible ways in which in-cab hazard location warnings are improving driver behaviors and overall safety.


Meet your webinar presenter:

Brian Mofford,

VP of Government Experience

Brian works closely with both state and federal law enforcement and safety agencies to assess their needs for roadside and software systems designed to automate the processing, inspection and screening of trucks.


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