Treat Your Business to a 5-Star Treatment 

By Matthew Meeks

You work hard to keep your fleet on the move and things running smooth – your drivers happy and your revenue on the up and up!

And some of us are so dedicated to the hard work that we forget the importance of, “Working smarter, not harder.”

But what really helps us work smarter?

Two things:

  1. The intelligence of modern technology
  2. And you… Yes, you! It’s up to carriers to make smart choices including the adoption of modern solutions for their fleets.

Imagine this: First, you discover a new tech solution that allows you to work smarter (not harder). Then, your revenue increases, you retain your best drivers, and you free up some time, and maybe even take a…VACATION!

Alright, let me slow down for a second…before you jet off to the Caribbean, let’s look at how real people today are giving their businesses a boost and how developing successful business practices is similar to planning a successful vacation.

Staying within Your Budget

You know how much money you have to spend – and this effects what investments and upgrades you make with your business. When planning a vacation, your budget can determine things like which hotel you can stay at and how much duty-free rum you can bring back home. A common way trip-planners save money on accommodations is by booking a package deal – this allows them to take advantage of discounts by booking their flight, hotel and activities all bundled together for one price!

You can do this with your business too! There are various fleet solution bundles designed specifically for carriers looking to increase cashflow and productivity with a full package of digital solutions for their freight businesses.

The All-Inclusive Treatment

If you’re anything like me, you like to spoil yourself a little bit on vacation. And what better way to do that than with an all-inclusive resort stay? All your meals are included, there are unlimited drinks at the swim-up bar, and sometimes you even get all-day spa access.

NEWSFLASH: Your business deserves the all-inclusive treatment too! That’s why company’s like Transflo have put together options for you to consider for your fleets like; unlimited digital scanning, unlimited weigh station bypasses, unlimited data plans, and unlimited monthly cloud storage…to name a few.


While ROI for a vacation is typically measured by the amount of fun and relaxation you get out of a trip – in business – we know it’s more about the money and time you get back.

Transflo has been in the “biz” for 30 years now. We started with paperwork processing, but today in 2020 we have a complete digital ecosystem of products and services – all created based on the needs of real carriers like you!

Check out our free calculator HERE to see exactly how much your fleet could be saving.

All our offerings have elements focused on putting time and money back into your business.

So…are you ready to claim your package-deal for both you and your business?

We’ll leave the vacation planning to the travel sites, but we are prepped and ready to help you with the business part now.

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