An 'American' Dream Team

“This is how I keep things rolling. This is how I make my money”

What’s more American than a fleet of red, white, and blue trucks?

This month we’re highlighting the success of a patriotic carrier appropriately named American Petroleum Carriers LLC.

American Petroleum is located in McAllen, Texas and currently operates 14 trucks - all equipped with Transflo ELDs and Weigh Station Bypass services.

Owner and director, Luis Trevino, told us about his 18 years of success in the Lonestar state, and how valuing quality employees and using new technology helped him take his business to new heights!

Transflo and American Petroleum came together in the summer of 2017 to create an American dream team. Since then, their fleet has grown 350 percent! And here's how it went down...

Goodbye to Paper Logs

American Petroleum's fleet was just 4 trucks when they added ELDs back in 2017. Today they have 14 trucks - each equipped with an iPad tablet and a Transflo ELD. The Transflo Mobile+ software on their tablets fully integrates with their ELDs for seamless performance.  

Like most companies, the switch to ELD required a transitional period to get everyone at American Petroleum up and running at 100 percent. Carriers aren't alone during the transition period though...Transflo account execs, implementation experts, and support team are all available to assist carriers along their path to ELD expertise!

Carriers like American Petroleum are encouraging anyone still using old AOBRD technology to act now! DON’T WAIT to transition to ELD. Acting now allows for the necessary amount of time needed for carriers to become fully operational before the final deadline on Dec. 16, 2019. Who wants to be dealing with the stress of adding new systems around the holidays anyway?

After American Petroleum dedicated the time to transition to ELDs, Trevino said, “Honestly it just makes everything so much easier now that everything is standardized.”

Zipping Past Weigh Stations

“We were one of the first fleets to jump on the Drivewyze upgrade when Transflo first started offering it,” explained Trevino.

Transflo’s Weigh Station Bypass feature (powered by Drivewyze) allows fleets to save time and money by adding the feature to their Mobile+ app. Geo-fencing technology communicates with the app and notifies drivers when they can skip weighing in. 

Plus, carriers will receive monthly reports that show the exact savings they’ve accrued from using the bypass feature. The report includes, “percentages, number of bypasses, and fuel gallons saved by not idling at weigh stations,” Trevino said. These transparent reports allow carriers to clearly see the savings that come from using the product.

The Transflo Bypass Bundle includes:

ELD (Lifetime Warranty)
Weigh Station Bypass
Unlimited Mobile Scanning

Transflo has 4 bundles to cater to all fleets:

Compliance Bundle
Navigation Bundle
Bypass Bundle
Plus Bundle

Trevino describes it perfectly, “With Transflo, the driver doesn’t have to fumble around with multiple devices and apps - it’s all in one place!”

Trevino continued, “I work with it every day and this is how I keep things rolling. This is how I make my money.

American Petroleum is currently planning to add at least three more trucks to their fleet by the end of the year. Trevino stated, “I have a good relationship with my account exec, Brent Fuller. When I get a new truck, Brent helps me get it equipped with Transflo and it's ready to go in just a couple hours.”

Fuller responded by saying, "Luis has been a great example of a company that has adapted to our new services and offerings and it has really helped his business grow. When I first worked with Luis they were at 4 trucks and he has grown to 14 in less than two years."

American Petroleum is a true example of the 'American' dream brought to life in the great state of Texas.

Get in touch with American Petroleum Carriers with their contact info below!

And for your own customized Transflo fleet solution, contact Brent Fuller.

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