How Automation Reveals an Array


of Hidden Benefits for Your Brokerage

It’s time to save TIME…and money.

Manual processes are weighing many brokerages down, and with many modern solutions available now in 2020 there is no excuse.

So, let’s discuss how some modern brokers are already saving time, money, and resources with easy-to-implement automation tools.

Recognizing Hidden Trouble & Costs

The challenges of dealing with missing files or lost information creates unneeded stress and delays in a brokerage (plus, costs your money). This also increases the chances of delayed communications with clients and vendors.

Additionally, one should not underestimate the impact of the price of things like maintaining “paper solutions.” Outdated office supplies like copiers, toners, ink, paper and more…are frankly becoming obsolete – In recent years, “more than 80% of small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) said they want to cut paper out of their business processes (Device Magic).

It may seem insignificant but when (let’s say) your accounting department needs to print and stamp something, it takes additional time and creates room for error. This sometimes costs broker’s time with clients and even vital opportunities – leading to an unsatisfactory experience.

Security is also a major concern. As many as 20% of print jobs are never retrieved from printers, leaving sensitive data available to anyone who passes by (Device Magic).

All of the above mentioned can be avoided with full-proof office automation and paperless solutions now available in the market. So, no more excuses.

Carrier Perception

Carriers today want to work with those who can answer them quickly and get them paid quicker. Modern carriers want to streamline processes to make doing business easier and more efficient.

…And this is why it is essential for brokers to modernize their businesses as soon as possible.

Here’s what going paperless does:

  • Reduces cost
  • Frees up time for other tasks
  • Allows drivers to stay safer on the road
  • Offers no-touch digital scanning from in the cab
  • Improves driver’s lives

At Transflo we’ve dedicated our work and focus to offer all professionals within the supply chain solutions that make daily business easier. When it comes to drivers, it’s important they reduce the tasks of their daily workflow to ensure they’re concentrating on their main responsibility: Driving. And many brokers today are helping carriers and their drivers do just that with automation solutions.

So, what should a broker look for in process automation?

Partners who can provide scalability and prove their worth.

  • Similar to going grocery shopping one day at a time – if you make a decision on where you currently are within the supply chain -when you grow, you’ll outgrow your vendor and cause a disruption when switching.
  • We advise people to seek out well-seasoned companies. Start-ups may have inexperience with certain issues which could impact your business. Business continuity planning is essential to decision making. At Transflo our team has maintained full staffing and even hired additional members during the COVID-19 crisis – where others have had to unfortunately lay people off.
  • If there’s one thing that we can learn from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s how a company manages and maintains operations during a crisis.

The Reality of Rate Confirmation

Many brokers have automated the process of creating and sending rate confirmation from their TMS to a carrier. This process may appear paperless…but really it only is for the broker. The carrier often receives the rate confirmation by email, is then required to open the attachment, print it, sign it, scan it, and then send it back to the broker via email. The broker receives the email, opens the attachment, confirms signature and saves it into their TMS.

Luckily, modern tech now offers more efficient processes which can drive the paperless experience across the entire supply chain, benefitting everyone from shippers and brokers to carriers and drivers.

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