Top-Rated Gifts for Truck Drivers

It’s time to spoil the truck driver in your life.

Professional drivers are constantly working their tails off to bring and deliver things to other people year-round, so let’s not forget to give back.

Whether you’re a friend, family member, or Carrier looking for the perfect gift, here are the top-rated things to get a truck driver for the holidays, or any occasion!

1. Trucker Tool Kit

This roadside assistance emergency essentials kit comes with a Tire Repair Kit, Jumper Cables, Portable Air Compressor, Tow Strap, Emergency Triangle, and more!

2. Lumbar Support Driver Cushions

Orthopedic memory foam helps keep drivers comfortable and can help offer lumbar spine support to help with back pain and discomfort.

3. Driver Work Gloves

Hi-Performance water resistance stretch spandex winter warm work gloves with premium genuine deerskin leather palms.

4. Portable Heated Blanket

Polar fleece portable heated blanket for Trucks with power cord plugs for 12V power outlet - Great for cold weather, traveling, or Emergencies.

5. Anti-Sleep Alarm

Driver fatigue alarm with multiple settings alert drivers and help prevent potentially dangerous accidents.


If you're a carrier looking to give your professionals gifts that both impress drivers and help the bottom line, check out the following:

Dash Cams



Happy Holidays to all the amazing truck drivers and their supportive friends and family. We appreciate all you do - stay safe!

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