Transflo Adopts One Cool Cat
Featuring: Eric Clark from Blue Cat Carriers, LLC


Blue Cat Carriers LLC has been in the biz since 2010 operating just three trucks until a few months ago. Due to some recent business developments, Blue Cat has experienced some exciting rapid growth, and has increased their fleet from three to 18 trucks in a short six months…and they’re taking Transflo along for the ride!

We recently chatted with Eric Clark (Operations Manager at Blue Cat) about using Transflo products, the company’s recent growth and their plans for the future.

On Transflo Products…

Clark explained, “To me, Transflo is very user friendly and requires very little training for my drivers. I can show them how it works one time and they’re good to go!”

On Transflo Account Executives…

Clark expressed his gratitude for his Transflo Account Executive, “Rey is outstanding! I call the guy any time of the day and he’ll answer. He’s been great to work with.”

Rey Rosa mentioned, “It’s a pleasure working with Eric. He is open to collaborating on solutions and he values the advice I have to offer.”

On the Competition…

Clark shared that he was blown away by the number of companies offering him ELDs.

“I’m happy we decided to go with Transflo though. It’s easy to use and navigate.”

Blue Cat is currently using Transflo Mobile+, scanning, weigh station bypass, Command Center and ELD. Clark described Transflo as, “a one stop shop!”

On the Future…

“This year we’re looking to bring the focus on our drivers by improving communication practices.” Clark mentioned that over the coming weeks Blue Cat will begin utilizing more of the features of Transflo Command Center to streamline these communications practices with their drivers.

Rey Rosa said, “I am confident that Command Center will greatly assist Blue Cat in achieving their goal to improve driver communication. The direct two-way messaging from within the Transflo Mobile+ app has a similar feel to text messaging. This makes communication between admins and drivers easier and more efficient than ever before.”

Check out Blue Cat’s contact info and website below AND for more info on Transflo products and services contact Rey Rosa.

Check out Blue Cat’s contact info below AND for more info on Transflo products and services contact Rey Rosa.





Eric Clark

(502) 742-8008


Rey Rosa