A Platform for Building an Empire

Featuring Roger Dasler – Business Analyst at Roehl Transport

 By Matthew Meeks

ELD? We got it.

Weigh station bypass and GPS navigation? Check!

Mobile scanning and dispatch chat? Yeah, we do that too.

And that’s only the beginning…

The full Transflo ecosystem has endless possibilities – And carriers can leverage this expansive platform to build a mobile empire of rich content that gets pushed directly to their drivers. This is all easy to accomplish with the industry-trusted mobile app, Transflo Mobile+. 

Let’s take a closer look…

One carrier utilizing the Transflo Mobile+ platform is Roehl Transport. We had the pleasure of listening to Roger Dasler, Business Analyst at Roehl, speak at our 2019 Mobile Advisory Group meeting last week. He demonstrated how his company is optimizing the full capacity of the Transflo Mobile+ platform.

“We post everything from new videos to new positions. We upload workday resources, loads, maps and more! We really try to give drivers what’s most important; the things they truly need,” explained Dasler.

Roehl also posts micro-training links in the app so drivers can learn how to use all the features and services. This helps with adoption rates of the app because drivers feel more confident and comfortable navigating and participating within the platform.

Once a driver understands the functionality of the Transflo Mobile+ app and how convenient it is to have everything in one place, it’s all positive ROI from there!

Drivers can also get involved socially on the app by viewing tips from other drivers about routes and drop-off locations. They can pay it forward too by leaving their own notes for the next driver.

Examples of things drivers post about:

  • Where it’s best to enter a yard or drop-off location.
  • Where obstacles like pot holes are located with attached photos.
  • Where the best parking areas are and if they accommodate certain trailers.
  • Closed lots or parking areas that are no longer available.

Summed up, “It’s a very good communication tool,” Dasler explained. “The Transflo Mobile+ app allows for so many great tools for drivers all in one place.”

Some Mobile Advisory Group attendees raised questions about monitoring, but Dasler explained that Roehl monitors comments for any inappropriate content. For example, driver-posted photos go to a pending status first, and are then approved (after review) before posting within the app.

Transflo Mobile+ continues to be the premier mobile app for freight carriers with a plethora of integrated services and products for solutions that don’t just save carriers time and money but help them elevate their businesses.

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