Carroll Fulmer Logistics

Soars Ahead of the Competition

( Moving a Fleet of 350 to the Cloud ) 

By Matthew Meeks

These days, if you're a carrier who's not automating and digitizing, you're already behind in the game.

As the freight industry continues to morph and change, we take a look at one company with a unique and extensive history who knows what needs to be done to survive the tests of time.

Director of Information Technology at Carroll Fulmer Logistics, Mike Prokosch, Jr., has been with his company for 19 years. We had the pleasure of speaking with Prokosch recently about an ambitious digital transition away from in-house processes...

Carroll Fulmer got its start back in 1950 hauling produce from farms to local markets in Georgia and South Carolina. Through the 1960s the company continued to grow by adding additional trucks and offices throughout the US with their headquarters being established in Florida. Today, with more than 60 years in the industry, Carroll Fulmer has shown they can flourish and grow in a constantly changing market.

And this stays true with their most recent endeavor...

“We’re officially making the change from on-site to cloud solution,“ Prokosch explained.

(from left to right) Mike Prokosch, Shirley Booth, and Geoff Beyer

Carroll Fulmer is currently in the process of transitioning to Transflo's powerful cloud-based document management solution (DMS). Transflo DMS is designed to improve productivity and automate supply-chain business processes for shippers, carriers, brokers, and factoring companies.

Many carriers are now reaping the benefits from adding DocuType to their Transflo DMS too, which integrates smart processing with automatic document recognition and classification to organize and route paperwork for efficient business workflows.

With enhanced OCR data extraction, Transflo DMS also improves business automation for low-touch billing, payroll, accounts payable & receivable, maintenance, safety, hiring, and a host of other back-office solutions.

The DMS will integrate with Carroll Fulmer's accounting programs, dispatch systems, mobile communication devices, and other management software. Additionally, Carroll Fulmer can utilize their new DMS to analyze, measure, and improve productivity and satisfy compliance standards with built-in Transflo Management Reports for real-time, snapshots and trend processing reports.

It's truly a complete cloud solution.

Before transitioning to Transflo DMS, Prokosch explained, “We were stuck in a place where we couldn’t move forward. So, it was an easy choice to give Transflo the lead on this.”

The automation carriers get from Transflo DMS frees up valuable time, allowing professionals to spend more time growing the business in other ways. Prokosch mentioned, “It’s going to be particularly great for us because we’re a small staff.”

Carroll Fulmer's new International LT625 truck

Another benefit of transitioning to a cloud solution is the disaster recovery aspects. “Knowing that scanning will always be up and running really takes a burden off of us,“ explained Prokosch.

Transflo Regional Account Manager, Justin Peterson mentioned, "It's a pleasure to work with the Carroll Fulmer team and I'm glad Transflo solutions will allow them to manage and automate their business processes. It's been a long partnership, that keeps growing!"  

Expansion & Integration

Carroll Fulmer extends the Transflo ecosystem of solutions to their drivers too, by giving them training and access to the Transflo Mobile+ app with features like mobile scanning, dispatch chat, payroll solutions and others.

Payroll Team Lead, Jenn Murray leads the orientation efforts at Carroll Fulmer which include detailed training of the Transflo Mobile+ app for new-hires. Ensuring all drivers are familiar with the features and connectability of the app, allows a carrier to reach optimum levels of productivity and efficiency.

Jenn Murray in Orientation

"In orientation I go step by step to explain the primary features of the Transflo Mobile+ app including: scanning, taking photos, and chatting with dispatch," Murray explained.

Murray continued, "All the drivers say they love it. Especially when they're out on the road...they really appreciate the easy accessibility the app offers." 

Carroll Fulmer currently operates about 350 trucks hauling an array of products and materials. The company has ambitious growth goals and they plan to add additional trucks to their fleets by the end of the year.

Carroll Fulmer Logistics is based out of Groveland, FL.

To get in contact with Carroll Fulmer Logistics refer to their contact info below AND for more info on Transflo fleet solutions, please contact Justin Peterson. 

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