Using Mobile+ with Transflo Velocity
Automate your paperwork and get Paid Faster!

Transflo Velocity is a solution that allows you to be paid faster from your Brokers and Logistics Companies at no cost to you, they pay for access to the platform. All you have to do is download a free desktop app (directions below) and make sure your drivers are using the Transflo Mobile+ App (download for free using the links to the right).

The process digitizes and then automatically delivers your invoice and supporting documents electronically to participating brokers, with our no-touch solution called Transflo Velocity.

Key Benefits For Owner Operators and Fleets

  • Makes it easier for brokers to pay you!
  • Use your Transflo Mobile app (or download our app, links to the right) to capture documents and send them to the broker in real time
  • Or use our free desktop document portal, Transflo Velocity (Windows only) to view your documents – Download
  • Provides end-to-end automation between you and the broker
  • Significantly reduces manual processes and costs
  • Allows tracking of accessorial charges using a confirmation number
  • Speeds Cash Flow



  • Invoicing and delivery documents from your current imaging solution are automatically matched to a participating broker by adding  their “Fleet ID” to your Transflo Mobile app in 7 easy steps.
    1. Click the “settings” area of your Transflo Mobile app,
    2. Then, click the “Fleets” menu item at the bottom of the page
    3. Click “+ Add new fleet”
    4. When prompted add Recipient ID (Broker ID goes here. Either call your Broker or look for their “ID” HERE.)
    5. Then click “next” and you will be prompted about the fleet you are joining, click “Proceed”
    6. Add your driver ID (how the Broker will see your name/refer to you)click “next”
    7. You will be prompted, chose “Submit Registration”, click “Submit Registration” and you are ready to work with the Broker
    (To work with many different brokers, you can toggle between them on the “Fleets” menu in step 2 above.)
  • Data and images are captured and sent to the broker through the Transflo Velocity service.
  • A confirmation number is given to the carrier for tracking and for future access.
  • Invoice and trip paperwork are delivered to the broker within moments of invoicing with no-touch required.
  • Because the broker instantly receives the invoice and associated documents electronically, you GET PAID FASTER!

Transflo Velocity used with the Transflo Mobile+ App greatly improves operating efficiency for carriers who are looking for ways to shorten their billing cycle and want to improve their cash flow.


Transflo Mobile App on Google Play

Transflo Mobile App on Apple Store

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