It’s been a year since the ELD mandate took center stage and the transition has taught us so much. The use of ELDs doesn’t just offer compliance but is now part of the full fleet solution package Transflo offers. Our ELD is fully integrated with the Transflo Mobile+ app and telematics system.

We’re constantly improving and innovating for our customers (that’s you). We’ve compiled the top ten ELD questions and answered them for your quick reference.

Check it out:

1. Can Personal Conveyance and/or Yard Move be edited, or applied retroactively?

No, per the FMCSA this is not allowed. The log should be annotated for compliance instead, stating that the log in question should have been a Yard Move or Personal Conveyance.

2. What happens when the vehicle goes outside of cell service?

Engine and location data are collected and stored on the Transflo T-Series ELD devices. Once the vehicle returns to coverage, this data is sent to the servers, and then back to the Transflo ELD app. This will also automatically update the HOS statuses.

3. Why am I seeing duplicate ON logs?

The system automatically switches to ON when the vehicle stops moving for 5 minutes. If you manually change to ON within those 5 minutes, the system will automatically create an additional ON log for the time between when the vehicle stopped, and when you manually went to ON.

4. Would I be non-compliant with the ELD rule if the data cannot be sent electronically to an authorized safety official at roadside?

No. If the electronic means for transferring data is unavailable or fails, the driver can still be compliant by showing either a printout or the actual ELD display of their RODS.

Note: keep in mind this does not apply if the HOS data transfer fails due to missing required data (i.e. driver’s license info, DOT number, VIN) – it is the carrier’s responsibility to ensure all that data is present in the system.

5. Can you move the truck during a break or restart?

You can only move the truck while in Personal Conveyance; this will not interrupt the restart or your break. Moving the truck while not using Personal Conveyance will interrupt your break or restart. Moving the truck while in Yard Move will place you On Duty, which will also interrupt your break or restart.

6. Can automatic logs for drive time and on duty logs be edited or deleted?

No. Per the ELD mandate, all driving time must be accounted for. However, logs can be assigned to an unidentified driver with an annotation in the case of shop moves. Automatic ON logs can never be edited away completely, but will be shortened to 1 second, followed by a new log with the new status.

7. What happens if a driver never verifies their logs?

Drivers should verify their logs daily. If logs are not verified within 14 days, the carrier will have to print the logs and obtain a physical signature from the driver. They will not be compliant until the driver verifies their logs.

8. Why am I not seeing the countdown of available hours in the app?

This happens when no ruleset is configured. An administrator can select the correct ruleset in the driver’s User profile on the HOS Settings tab in the Transflo Telematics portal, then click the Save button at the top.

9. Is it allowed to have the ELD manual, data transfer instructions, and malfunction instruction sheet in electronic form?

Yes, the FMCSA has stated in the ELD FAQ that these documents can be in electronic form, which is in accordance with the federal register titled “Regulatory Guidance Concerning Electronic Signatures and Documents” (76 FR 411).

10. Do I need to have my phone or tablet mounted when using it for ELD?

Yes, your phone or tablet must be mounted in a fixed position during commercial motor vehicle operation and must be visible to the driver from a normal seated driving position. This information can be found in the ELD Rule section 395.22(g).

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