3 Ways Shippers are Eliminating Friction with Supply Chain Management

By Matthew Meeks

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. While the pandemic has created major congestion in the supply chain, this friction has forced shippers to be creative and seek out new technology solutions to keep business moving.

By using technology solutions to tighten up supply chain management and fleet safety, shippers have addressed immediate concerns while paving lucrative new paths forward. 

Read on to learn how shippers are using freight technology to eliminate friction and get a bigger piece of the pie.

1. Choose the Right Supply Chain Management Solution

A strong supply chain requires businesses that continuously evolve and adopt new processes. And that means getting equipped with the right set of tools and knowing the options that provide frictionless operations.

Many hardware and software providers have recently been increasing their development of new tech solutions for the supply chain. This new technology aims to assist the fearless frontline freight professionals of America, with focus on safety and efficiency so shippers and carriers can stay both competitive and healthy.

With a great deal of vendors offering an array of different solutions, it can feel daunting discovering and choosing the right ones for your business. The marketplace is flooded with various trucking mobile apps, paperless solutions like electronic Bill of Lading and electronic Proof of Delivery (eBOL & ePOD), telematics providers, load tracking, and other offers.

Some select providers are streamlining and compiling a large array of these shipper/carrier solutions into one bundle (all on one easily accessible platform). So, what was once many sporadic and unsystematic solutions (from multiple providers), is now available in a one-stop-shop with all tools available in one Digital Ecosystem.

Bonnie Ramsay, Chief Information Officer at Halvor Lines, worked with one of these select providers to remove face-to-face interactions by adopting solutions like eBOL and ePOD. Now her drivers can:

  • Digitally scan in an unsigned eBOL using their mobile device’s camera
  • Request signatures from receivers without leaving their cab
  • And review all paperwork activity instantly and while social distancing

Halvor Lines has since reported increased safety, efficiency, faster driver settlements, and improved driver retention.

2. Activate Shipper Tracking and Hardware

Solutions like telematics, fleet dash cams, asset trackers, and tablets are additional key elements to a great digital platform. Shippers and carriers should evaluate vendors who offer all these solutions in one digital ecosystem with user-friendly and intuitive design.

When determining the hardware and software solutions that are right for your business, make sure to ask questions to providers about:

  • Full load visibility
  • Instant digital document delivery
  • Real-time shipper tracking

The company, Carroll Fulmer, took a fleet of 350 and transitioned to cloud-based solutions allowing them to analyze, measure, and improve productivity. Plus, it made it possible for them to satisfy compliance standards with built-in management reports, digital paperwork processing, and real-time visibility of workflows on their computers and smart devices.

3. Get a Customized Bundle Catered Specifically to Your Business

Very few businesses need a full stack of technology solutions available within the growing freight digital ecosystem, and that’s why the customizable route is the way to go. At Transflo, we offer a large selection of tools all on a single platform, and our experts are trained to customize solutions packages to freight businesses of all types and sizes.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Transflo evaluates your needs, processes, challenges, and successes.

Step 2: We customize a package of solutions that works best for your business.

Step 3: You review, finalize, and the go through onboarding so you can start eliminating friction and doing more business right away.

Ready to Take the First Step?

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