Empowering New Faces in Trucking
Emerge via Social Media

By Frank Gambino

For years now social media has connected our society together, and during a year of distancing and quarantining, it brought many together when other means weren’t possible. As we move forward, it seems that a new opportunity is arising for truckers to inspire and connect – maybe you’ve heard of it; TikTok.

The video-driven social media site is the newest to gain major success, following in the footsteps of giants like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. And TikTok is showing an influx of truckers connecting and creating video content on the mobile app.

One thing this latest popular social platform is shining light on is the growing number of women truck drivers in North America inspiring others to enter the field.

CNN reports:

"A growing number of women are entering the world of trucking at a time when demand for drivers is at a critical high. Many of them, like Clarissa Rankin, are using their influence to educate other women…"

– AJ Willingham, CNN

Professional drivers empowering other truckers and creating a more diverse workforce within transportation is something we can certainly get behind. Currently, Caucasian men make up about 66.6 percent of truck drivers according to Fleet Owner. And women truckers currently make up about 6 percent of the industry.

The dynamic of trucking is changing, and social media is helping not only encourage a shift in the demographics but adjust the gender perception of the job at hand. The last year (more than ever) has proven again how vital truck drivers and supply chain professionals are in keeping our nation thriving – Let’s not forget how eager we were to see toilet paper return to shelves last year.

We predict empowerment and pride will continue to grow in the freight industry as we see the face of trucking look more and more diverse each day.

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