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Benefits of Transflo Engage Include:


  • Measure driver satisfaction. Fleet managers and HR professionals can use Transflo Engage to create, automate, and deliver custom surveys to drivers via their mobile device. It helps users gauge driver engagement, their commitment to the organization, and intention to stay.


  • Engage directly with your fleet. The Transflo Engage platform leverages the Transflo Mobile+  application to provide a simpler and more convenient survey experience. This is because drivers will respond to questions within the mobile app that he or she uses as part of the everyday workflow.


  • Results that increase retention. With custom surveys and instantaneous feedback, managers and HR professionals can make fast, strategic, data-driven decisions. It also helps professionals take a proactive approach to addressing turnover while maintaining a high-level of driver engagement. 


* Deliver Custom Surveys


* Gauge Driver Satisfaction


* Increase Retention


* Improve Morale


* Automate the Process


* Get Data Coaching


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