Why do I need

Transflo Trailer Tracker?


  • Track trailer utilization and the mileage count for each one. This helps you stay on top of required and preventative maintenance – lowering your chances of having malfunctioning equipment or scheduling unnecessary maintenance. And as an added bonus, a 1% reduction in fleet size will more than cover your cost for the solution.


  • Tracking your trailers doesn’t just show you how they’re being used, but also, how they’re NOT being used. Unused or forgotten trailers are lost business opportunities that could have led to more loads. And the data can be an indicator that it’s time to retire certain assets.


  • Increases driver productivity, retention and safety by decreasing the amount of time drivers spend looking for trailers in an unfamiliar yard. Not only is it frustrating, but the time spent searching for trailers can add up quickly. With trailer trackers you and your drivers get that time back.


  • Stay organized – If you are also using the T-Series ELD,  the trailer tracker software will display the locations of your trucks and trailers on one digital map, within 1 parking spot of the actual location. The tracker software and map help you plan routes and loads more strategically by viewing truck-to-trailer proximity and availability.

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Simple Installation

Install with 4 rivets, screws or bolts and turn it on and your device is already connected and sending data.

Dynamic Tracking
1 GPS fix per minute when in motion. You don’t just know where your assets were, but where they are.

Rugged Design
IP67- international standard for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact and water. (5-7 year life)

Self-sustaining Solar Power
Solar cell and large backup battery designed for the real world like rainy seasons, freezing temperatures and even blazing hot days.

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