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Velocity+ for Carriers gives fleets a better experience

What is Transflo Velocity+?
Velocity+ is a digital load management ecosystem that connects Bookers, Carriers and Drivers in a seamless system.

What is a Digital Load Management Ecosystem

  • Digital = Electronic, documents sent over the internet and stored in a digital format
  • Load = What we’re hauling
  • Management = The process of dealing with or controlling things and/or people
  • Ecosystem = System or network of interconnecting and interacting parts

A Digital Load Management Ecosystem is a system to manage the component parts of hauling freight from load tender to delivery to payment, via computer.

What’s in Velocity+?

  • Load Offers Brokers offer loads to one or more Carriers, who can accept, decline or counter the offer.
  • Load Assignment Brokers send a Booked load to Carriers digitally, with all load information and the Rate Confirmation Sheet.
  • Carrier Load Management Carriers manage the load using the Velocity+ Command Center to assign loads to drivers, track load progress and chat with Drivers.
  • Load Track & Trace Real-time load tracking provides Carriers & Brokers with the load route from Start to Delivery. Includes workflow and geofence events in addition to “breadcrumbs.”
  • Standardized Invoicing Create and digitally send one-touch invoices from Velocity+ Command Center to the Broker, complete with all required documents (Rate Confirmation Sheet, Proof of Delivery, etc.)
  • Driver Management From chatting with Drivers to tracking recent Driver locations, to monitoring load progress from start to finish, keep track of your Drivers.
  • Document Management Drivers scan load documents immediately upon delivery using the Transflo Mobile+ app, which instantaneously sends industry-leading quality scans of load documents to the Carrier and Broker.

Best of all, Velocity+ is FREE to Carriers. That’s right, free. It’s paid for by Brokers and you benefit. All the features, all the value, all for FREE.

Benefits of Velocity+

  • Reduce Daily Check Calls Brokers won’t need to call you or the Driver asking where the load is at—they’ll see it on-screen.
  • Get Paid Faster Sending invoices immediately after delivery with digital documents scanned and sent by the Driver, eliminating up to TEN DAYS of delay before the check arrives
  • Reduce Office Workload The invoicing feature in Velocity+ creates invoices for you. Attach the required docs, add any assessorials, verify amounts and submit in a fraction of the time
  • Dispatch Loads Easier All the load info is sent digitally to the Driver’s mobile device (phone or tablet).
  • Manage Drivers Better You won’t need to call and ask your Drivers where they are. The Last Known Location feature, in addition to Load Tracking, tells you where the Driver is after a load is delivered. Plus the in-app chat feature lets you chat with Drivers and keeps the entire history where you need it—all in one place with your loads and invoices.
  • Driver Benefits In addition to the load and document features in Mobile+, the free features built in help Drivers manage their workload and work life.
  • It’s Free Carriers don’t pay anything to use Velocity+

Did we mention that it’s FREE to Carriers? All of these features are made available to you courtesy of our network of Velocity+ Brokers.


To see an overview of Velocity+ for Carriers:

How to Use Velocity+

To see our tutorials on how to use Velocity+, click here.

If you’ve received a registration to Velocity+, complete the registration and you’re set to go! If you haven’t received a registration email, a participating Broker must add you to their list of Velocity+ Carriers

To find out which Brokers are on Velocity+, click here. If a Broker you work with is on the list, ask them to add you to their Velocity+ Carrier list.

If your favorite Brokers are not yet on the list, encourage them to sign up for Velocity+.


Contact us for more info.

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