A New Horizon for Transportation

Predictions for 2021 are Looking Bright  

Not only are we seeing  silver lining come from the technology advances that 2020 bought, but the the future is looking bright too - So, grab your shades because we're heading into a new horizon of opportunities.

“A common theme runs through this year’s collection of trucking-centric features, it’s that staggering adversity almost always pushes us to make strategic changes for the better.” (Logistics Management) And these accelerated changes are ones many freight professionals already had on their to-do lists…

New solutions like eBOL, ePOD, Scorecard, and many other digital (and paperless) solutions are providing carriers and their fleets with lucrative success with increased safety and efficiency. One thing's for sure, 2020 will be remembered as the year that accelerated the adoption of new digital solutions within our industry (be it) under challenging circumstances.

Shippers started off this year feeling effects and challenges too - And not just those of Covid-19, but rising rates and capacity shrink too. 

But if you fast forward to today, we see an industry full of shippers who are embracing new technology and collaborative efforts to create a stronger supply chain that continues to grow. 

Paving a way for a brighter future in the industry are new tech solutions that include:

  • ePOD (electronic Proof of Delivery)
  • eBOL (electronic Bill of Lading)
  • New software offering full digital freight visibility
  • Touch-less solutions
  • Paperless operations
  • and more!

Experts are predicting a good year coming up for shippers, brokers, and carriers alike. So, grab your shades because 2021 is looking bright.

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