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Tips for ELD Shoppers

Now’s the Time

For the more than 600,000 trucks that have not yet upgraded to ELDs from AOBRDs, now’s the time to make an informed decision to buy an ELD-connected device that communicates by 4G LTE, Colin Sutherland, executive vice president of Geotab, tells Fleet Equipment.

“I’d highly recommend investing with a service provider that is financially solid and is a trusted technology partner,” he says. “Do not pay for the new hardware or new subscription until you are fully installed with your upgraded connected services and trained on how to use ELD and any other services, then make the switch before the deadline.”

Our own Doug Schrier, Transflo vice president of product and innovation, agrees and says all the other capabilities of ELDs make the switch worthwhile.

“ELD compliance is an easy hurdle for an organization to vault over, but to take advantage of digitizing and modernizing your fleet, you’ll want to select a provider that will work to optimize your entire operations,” Schrier says. “Fleets moving to ELD compliance need to understand the implication to their drivers and operations; both need to be trained on the change. We recommend a phased roll-out.”

26 Days of Christmas

Ahead of Black Friday, retailers are removing the minimum order value needed for customers to get free shipping, or are giving their most loyal customers access to the fastest delivery and fulfillment options for free.

Why? Check the calendar, writes Anna Hensel in Modern Retail. There are only 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, compared to 32 last year. Customers who typically do their holiday shopping between those two holidays have fewer days to shop—and retailers have fewer days to get them their orders in time.

Even though more people are doing their holiday shopping online, many are afraid of not getting an online order delivered in time. They’re shopping with the retailer they feel most confident can fulfill their order in time, even if it means picking it up themselves.

A study by the research firm Gartner found that last year 44% of emails sent by retailers between November and December promoted in-store fulfillment—so-called “click and collect” options—compared to 22% the year before. Last year, for example, Dick’s Sporting Goods offered customers $10 off orders if they made purchases using buy online, pickup in-store on December 21.

Fast shipping isn’t going to erase last-minute shopping any time soon.

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