Full Freight Visibility for Brokers & Carriers
See Where Everything is On-Screen

By Matthew Meeks

Check calls are major time-suckers…and they’re also pretty outdated. Today, instead of making multiple calls and waiting to hear from partners, brokers and carriers use real-time visibility and mobile app features instead. This technology is increasing productivity, business relationships, and revenue.

Did you know you can:

  • View your own map on your computer with location updates of freight and assets in real-time?
  • Use chat features to communicate faster with partners and drivers on Mobile+?
  • Get all the paperwork you need digitally and immediately?

Here’s the thing; visibility strengthens relationships...

Drivers are happy when they aren’t waiting for long times at yards. Carriers are thrilled when they can bill faster. Shippers feel reassured when they know where their shipments are. Freight brokers work smarter (not harder) when they implement automated processes. And Transflo makes all of this possible.

It’s 2021 and technology is king. See how Transflo solutions like Velocity and Mobile+ are eliminating friction within the supply chain and show major ROI for brokers, carriers, and shippers. Get a solution bundle catered specifically for your business.

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