One Year Later: Halvor Discusses Surviving the ELD Tsunami
Featuring: Bonnie Ramsay from Halvor Lines Inc

It’s been 12 months since Halvor Lines Inc. transitioned their trucks to Transflo ELDs.

This month we caught up with Halvor Chief Information Officer Bonnie Ramsay to get an update since the switch.An industry veteran, Halvor Lines started off hauling snowmobiles from the shores of Lake Superior in 1968!

Bonnie Ramsay

Flash forward to today and it’s clear Halvor has built quite the legacy. Now with over 500+ trucks operating in the continental U.S. and Canada, the company is well known in the industry.


Mobile Scanning is Where it’s At!

To lower costs and increase efficiency, Halvor has been using Transflo’s mobile scanning to send their documents since 2016.

“Transflo has absolutely helped Halvor save money. The app is so configurable and it’s a great tool for communication,” Ramsay said.

Halvor maintains a strong foundation of communication between its employees and drivers, and Transflo is honored to assist them with these continued efforts.


Advice for AOBRD Users Hesitating to Switch to ELD

In May 2018 Halvor began transitioning the bulk of their trucks to Transflo ELDs. As we approach the 2019 deadline for discontinuing AOBRDs, Ramsay has one clear message for companies.

“Don’t wait.”

Everyone has to be on ELDs by December 2019. It’s the law.

“The sooner you begin transitioning to ELDs, the better,” Ramsay explains, adding that it takes time for people to get comfortable with the technology. “There’s definitely a learning curve involved - especially for safety departments, operations departments and of course the drivers.”

It’s true. There are many differences between AOBRD and ELD technology. Switching to ELD requires educating yourself on new practices, tools and technology.

For example, every time the wheels are turning a driver is considered to be in “drive mode.” Even when they’re doing a yard move, this applies.


Transflo’s Got Your Back

Transflo has various instructional videos and documents available to companies switching to ELD to help with a smoother transition. Halvor has used these resources to assist with driver training.

“Our account executive, Barbara Evans, is great. She’s always very thorough and a fantastic communicator. I appreciate how responsive she and the Transflo team have been and continue to be,” Ramsay said.

Transflo support was key to successful implementation. “Every truck in our fleet uses Transflo ELDs and we’re so thankful to have had the assistance from the Transflo team while transitioning over,” Ramsay said.

Transflo, in return, has valued what it learned while helping Halvor Lines through the implementation process. “On behalf of the entire Transflo team, we are so grateful for the feedback from Halvor Lines and are very optimistic of the great things we can accomplish together in this industry for years to come,” said Matthew Meeks, Marketing Manager at Transflo.

Ramsay mentioned the appreciation was mutual. “I have nothing but good things to say about our experience,” she said. “Here at Halvor we feel like the sky’s the limit with Transflo.”

For more info on Transflo’s new ELD Compliance Packages (with no upfront hardware costs) contact us today.

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