Not all freight brokers are created equal…


The latest modern advances in back office automation and document management have become a large determining factor in the success of freight brokerages in today’s market.

The technology of today brings efficiencies that the entire supply chain can reap the benefits of.

Carriers and drivers (more than ever) are experiencing the day-and-night differences of working with brokerages utilizing new tech like Transflo Velocity+.

Velocity+ allows brokers to offer benefits to their carriers like:

  • Paying them much faster
  • Instant digital delivery of load documents
  • Efficient driver chat options
  • And more

Plus, select freight brokers offer (or will soon offer) QuickPay which gets carriers their money instantly – with very competitive rates compared to previous years.

So, remember…when you’re selecting which freight brokers to work with, your time and money should be top priority – and its the modernized brokerages that can give you this.

See our list of recommended freight brokers here.

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