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Derek Minneke

We had a chance to catch up with the Safety Manager over at Freestyle Transport, LLC, Derek Minneker. He offered up some sweet advice on three main topics below.

On Mobile Apps:

“The Transflo Mobile+ App has without a doubt streamlined the paperwork process for our fleet. All our drivers love it. I think it’s safe to say after the feedback I’ve received thus far, that the app’s digital scanning has relieved a lot of stress for our drivers. In what was once considered a bothersome area of a driver’s job by many in the industry, now is simple and done at the touch of a button.”

On Winter Driving:

“Aside from slowing down and keeping a safe distance, I always remind drivers to watch out for black ice, and to exercise increased caution on bridges, overpasses and at intersections (all common places black ice accumulates). I always tell drivers to exercise extreme diligence when inspecting their equipment and while trip planning when the winter weather hits. And of course, If the weather is so bad that you need to get off the road, don’t hesitate – just do it. Find a place to get off the roadway safely and wait until conditions clear up.”

On Personal Conveyance (PC):

“Managing PC behavior can get more challenging in the winter months. I always remind my drivers about a provision in the regulations, 49 CFR 395.1 (b): This ‘adverse driving conditions’ provision allows up to a two-hour extension to a driver’s normal shift if they are impeded by circumstances they did not know about when they started their trip. I advise our drivers that are impeded by unforeseen storms, road closures and accidents caused by bad weather to use this to either complete their run or to find a safe place to park and rest until the trip can be completed. I would advise all drivers who use this to make sure to document it clearly and concisely on their log.”

A special thanks to Minneker for his insight and tips!

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