5 Advantages Mobile Apps are Bringing

to the Successful Freight Professional

Mobile solutions are a pinacle of how we live today, and it goes without saying that businesses around the world have benefited from them greatly. In fact, the telematic solutions industry is expected to be worth $62.6 billion by 2025.

Logistics is at the apex of those engaging with mobile solutions. After all, managing fleets involves lots of intricate processes—from wide-scale freight tracking, to communicating with large-scale fleets. With the right mobile app, these types of operations can be made far more efficient.

Here are five benefits of mobile apps for freight management solutions.

1. Digitizes Paper Processes

Carbon emission isn’t the only sustainability problem the freight industry is facing. According to a recent report from the Environmental Protection Agency, paper continues to be the most wasted item in the country. The freight industry remains one of the biggest contributors to said waste, as logistics involves a lot of documents and contracts. Luckily, mobile apps can help mitigate the “need” for paper. Transflo recently launched the next generation of document digitization and data exchange for the supply chain, by incorporating digital signatures and document scanning into the Transflo Mobile+ app. Users of the app will not only reduce their carbon footprint, but they can use the new Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) technology, and organize all their paperwork in much more efficient ways.

2. Saves Dough on your Workflow

In alignment with paperless operations, things like payroll, payments for services, and taxes can all be automated with a mobile fleet management app. Payroll, for instance, is made even easier as mobile tracking systems can verify workers/drivers’ time sheets, thereby ensuring they’re accurately compensated for their work. Fleet management apps also have features like dispatch chat and electronic invoicing, which allow your business to process orders with the least amount of time and data entry. This ensures smoother and faster transactions that satisfy you and your customers.

3. Gives Visibility to Your Partners

A major determining factor for carrier success is dependent on the efficiency of their vehicles and trailers. Therefore, it’s critical to utilize the tech that enables them to monitor their assets. Fleet management software not only helps keep track of a fleet, it also helps drivers navigate with more ease. When looking for a track-enabled mobile app or tracking device it’s good to remember the importance of signal integrity – as this is what ensures how accurate the information on your drivers’ locations are. It’s even more crucial if you’re operating in urban settings, as studies have proven that there are lots of structures that can interfere with a mobile app’s signal.

4. Changes Based on Data

The data gathered from your fleet can be used for more than just tracking your vehicles; it can be used for personnel training, too. For instance, tracking apps tell you how long your drivers work, and inform you if they get pulled over for any suspicious behavior. This gives insight into any potential areas in which operations can be improved. Then management can educate and coach staff to improve and help with retention. This data can also be used to curate onboarding programs for new personnel, ensuring that they have the best training possible before they start. Some apps even provide customizable surveys to help you collect feedback catered specifically to your operation’s needs.

5. Makes it Easier on Your Drivers

Fleet management isn’t just about getting deliverables from one place to another—it also means ensuring the welfare of drivers. In these unprecedented times, it’s important that essential workers have all the necessary information they need to stay safe. In partnership with the American Trucking Associations (ATA), Transflo has been able to incorporate timely content into the Driver Assist Task Force platform. Driver Assist is a standalone app and add-on feature of the Transflo Mobile+ app, which drivers can use to make their jobs easier and safer – whether it be by connecting with fellow truckers or getting the status of truck stops and rest areas on their routes. With ATA’s help, Driver Assist now has even more resources to help drivers safely navigate today’s challenging environment.

Fleet management apps help your business perform more efficiently, while ensuring the welfare of your employees, too. If your goal is to truly stay ahead of the competition, then there’s no better way than to incorporate the right tech solutions now.

Written exclusively for Transflo
y: Marley Faith
Editor: Matthew Meeks 

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