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Below is a preview of new features and improvements that will be coming soon. Please check this page regularly for additional updates.

1903 Release

HOS Duty Status Logs page
The Duty Status Logs page in the Transflo Telematics portal now has a cleaner appearance, with the following updates that allow Administrators to gather more information at a glance:

By default, the graph displays and the logs list is hidden. You can click View Logs to display the entire list.

The Duty Status Logs graph legend only displays at the top of the page, instead of with each individual graph. The Qualifying Break color appears under off-duty hours for Canadian rulesets only, and identifies logs that meet the break requirements.

Each graph displays duration and distance information for Yard Movement and Personal Conveyance. As well, graphs will display summarized information about violations, ruleset changes, authority changes, attached and detached shipments, trailer information, and malfunctions. You can click any bar on the graph to view the relevant log on the logs list.

HOS Rulesets Updates
Rulesets now appear in alphabetical order in MyGeotab. This new configuration allows certain rulesets to be grouped together based on their jurisdiction, and will make it easier for users to find rulesets.

The following new HOS rulesets have been added:

  • California Farm Product with Rest Requirement
  • California Flammable Liquid with Rest Requirement
  • California School Pupil with Rest Requirement
  • California Property Intrastate available with Oil Well Wait time and 24-hour restart
  • California Property Intrastate with Rest Requirement available with Oil Well Wait time and 24-hour restart
  • USA Property Short-haul 60-hour/7-day 14-hour Workday (with 24-hour restart option available)
  • USA Property Short-haul 70-hour/8-day 14-hour Workday (with 24-hour restart option available)
  • USA Salesperson Non-CDL Short Haul

The following rulesets have been renamed:

  • USA Property Short-Haul 60-hour/7-day is now: USA Property Short-haul 60-hour/7-day 12-hour Workday (with 24-hour restart option available)
  • USA Property Short-haul 70-hour/8-day is now: USA Property Short-Haul 70-hour/8-day 12-hour Workday (with 24-hour restart option available)

Increased minimum password length to 8 characters
For this release, all Transflo Telematics portals will now enforce a minimum password length of eight (8) characters for new user accounts, or for password changes to existing accounts. In addition, the minimum password length, under the password policy in System Settings, cannot be set to a value less than 8.

Report enhancements

  • Risk Management Report update
    To ensure consistency among available data, the option to include historical data when running the Risk Management report has been removed. If a vehicle was archived during the selected date range, the vehicle will be displayed on the report. However, if the vehicle was archived before the selected date range, the vehicle will not display in the report.
  • Trips Summary Excel Report update
    Previously, the Trips Summary report only filtered stops that were shorter than the specified value inside Customer, Office, and Home zones. The report now filters all stops — both inside and outside zones — that are shorter than the specified value, allowing you to see only the stops you desire.


Direct downloading of reports
Users no longer need to preview reports in Excel or PDF format prior to downloading. Simply click the Report button to download the report immediately, or if desired, the ellipsis tool to view, then download. The “View” button has been renamed “Report.”


Trips History page now easier to read (Feature Preview)
To improve clarity, the Trips History page has been updated to display Driving time and Stopped time in separate rows.

This feature requires your user profile to have Feature Preview enabled; ask your Administrator to enable Feature Preview on your user’s UI Settings tab.

See one-way roads (for Google Map users)
If you selected Google Maps as your map provider in MyGeotab, you can now view the road directions for one-way roads, indicated by an arrow on the Map.

New “My location” button added to the Live Map
You can now view your current location on the Live Map. Simply click the My location button to zoom in or view nearby vehicles and zones. This feature is useful for users who want to see their current location on the map, and then reference the location of other vehicles or zones.

Show, hide and move columns on the Vehicles page (Feature Preview)
A new interactive feature has been added to the Vehicles page to help you organize your vehicles. The Vehicles page now includes additional columns of information: License, VIN, Odometer, Engine hours, Current driver, and Comments.  You can show, hide and even rearrange columns in the order you would like to see them. The new view is automatically saved for future reference. 

Additionally, the group name is now displayed under the vehicle name, and we have added a new icon to signify that a vehicle has not communicated recently.

This feature requires your user profile to have Feature Preview enabled; ask your Administrator to enable Feature Preview on your user’s UI Settings tab.

In-context zone edit menu
When editing zones, the edit page displays to the right of the zone you are trying to edit. Previously, a new window opened when editing a zone, and users might have lost their place in the list of zones. This update gives context when editing zones by highlighting the zone on the list, and allowing you to switch between the Zone edit tab and the Map tab, all in the same window. 

Unsaved changes reminder
When editing users and vehicles, you are now prompted to Save your changes if you attempt to navigate away from the page without saving.

New options for managing user accounts
Some new management options were added to the Users page:

  • Filter dropdown to select Active users, Suspended users or All (Feature Preview)
  • Active from: [Date] field indicates when the user account was created
  • Last logon date: [Date] field to indicate when the user last logged into MyGeotab, Geotab Drive, or the API.

Advisory message when odometer and engine hour values change
An advisory message has been added to the Vehicle Edit page to explain that any updates to the odometer and/or engine hour values will be queued for processing, and may take some time to complete. However, users should not experience a significant time delay. 

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Need Additional Help?


Below is an overview of features and improvements from the previous 1902 release.

1902 Release

Location Button Added to HOS Logs
As a time saver, users can now click the location button on the HOS logs to view the Trips History where the log was created. Previously, users needed to go to the Maps page and look up the vehicle’s history separately.

View Shipment Information Added During Login
When a driver adds shipment information during the login process, this will now create a log entry with SA (for Shipment Attached):


New HOS Rulesets
The following new HOS rulesets have been added:

  • California School Pupil
  • California Farm Product
  • California Flammable Liquid

Canadian HOS Ruleset Updates

  • 24 hours of consecutive off-duty need after every 14 days (Cycle 1 and Cycle 2):
    For Cycle 1 and Cycle 2, no driver shall drive unless the driver has taken at least 24 consecutive hours of off-duty time in the preceding 14 days. Violation is:
    Driving without 24-hour consecutive off-duty in the preceding 14 days.
  • 24 hours of consecutive off-duty needed after every 70 hours (Cycle 2):
    For Cycle 2, drivers should have a maximum of 70 hours cumulative on-duty hours since their last 24 hours off duty. Violation is:
    Maximum 70 hours on-duty since 24-hour consecutive off.
  • A countdown feature has been added to the app for drivers approaching their 24 hours off duty requirement.
  • When the Adverse Driving Conditions exemption is enabled for vehicles south of latitude 60°N (along the southern border of Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut in Canada), the following changes are made to the daily requirements and HOS availability:
    • Daily rest requirement decreases by two hours
    • Daily off requirement decreases by two hours
    • Daily driving available increases by two hours
    • Daily duty available increases by two hours
    • Workday driving available increases by two hours

HOS Data Transfer – Audit Log Entry
When transferring HOS logs to the FMCSA, an ELD Data Transfer audit log entry is created in Administration > System… > Audit Logs.

HOS Log Entry Updates
For better readability, HOS log entries have been updated to show an abbreviation instead of an exclamation mark. Examples are:

  • Engine Power Up – EPU
  • Engine Power Shutdown – ESD
  • Ruleset Change: RSC
  • Adverse Weather – AW
  • Situational Driving Clear – SDC

HOS Availability Report
To make it easier for users to manage drivers, a new option has been added to the HOS Availability page. The display option Show only drivers in violation will show drivers in active violation of their current HOS requirements. A limit of 500 users is displayed when searching by group.

HOS Availability Report – Auto-Update Button
The HOS Availability page will have a new auto-update button. The button will be disabled by default, but when pressed it starts refreshing every 1 minute. This can serve as a central page for monitoring the availability in near real-time.

Ignore HOS Duty Status Logs
Authorized users can now choose to ignore Duty Status Logs. Ignored logs will still be displayed on inspection reports, and will still be transferred to the FMCSA, however, they will not affect HOS availability, or violation calculations.

This is helpful in cases where a driver has made a selection in error, and wishes to make a correction, but where the log cannot be edited due to the ELD mandate restrictions.

DVIR Defect List – New Defect Type: Unregulated
A new DVIR defect type “Unregulated” has been added to the defect types. An unregulated defect is not associated with federal compliance requirements, and does not pose a safety risk to the driver, such as paint or decal damage. This is available when customizing the default DVIR defects list.


DVIR Defect Lists Available to Individual Groups
Defect lists can now be assigned to a group, making it available to all members of that group, allowing for the creation of Group specific defect lists.


New DVIR Security Clearance Entries
The following new Security Clearances have been added to ensure only designated users can perform and certify DVIR inspections:

  • Mark DVIR logs as certified
  • Perform DVIR inspections


DVIR Report Sorting
The DVIR Report is now sorted by devices, trailer, and date/time to match how they are displayed in the app.

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