New ELD Driver Features

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Below is a preview of new features and improvements that will be coming soon. Please check this page regularly for additional updates.

1804 Release

Oil Well Wait Time Available for Co-Drivers
The Oil Well Wait Time exemption is now available for co-drivers. The co-driver should be on OFF duty, and it will freeze the consecutive clock. Both driver and co-driver will be able to use the exemption independently.

Automatic DVIR Annotations
Annotations will be added automatically to the driver’s logs for pre-trip and post-trip DVIRs, based on the DVIR type the driver selected.


Review DVIR & Transfer Logs
A “Review” button has been added to the Inspection Mode page, to review previous DVIRs. This includes Transfer and Compliance Print functionality, as well as the ability to show the latest conducted DVIR for vehicles and trailers.

Coverage Prompts
Drivers will receive a reminder to create manual duty statuses when out of cell coverage. Once cell coverage has been regained, the system will notify drivers of this as well.


Potential Violation Prompt
Drivers will be notified of potential violations when changing status to On Duty, to prevent not completing 30 minute breaks, 10 hour rest period, 34 hour restart, etc.

Graph Tab Improvements
The display of the HOS graphs on mobile devices has been improved. The ability to zoom in on the graph has been added, as well as a legend, and improved visuals for Yard Move and Personal Conveyance.


Shipment & Trailer Selection Added to Login/Logout
Shipment info entry is now added to login/logout workflow, and trailers are now available to detach from in the logout workflow.

Username and Password Entry Separated
The login page has been updated to separate username and password. Drivers enter their username first, hit Next, and then enter their password to log in.

No SB Option At Logout
Sleeper Berth is no longer a duty status option to select at the time of logout.

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1803 Release

PC, YM, Adverse driving conditions now on HOS Status tab
The exemptions (Yard Move, Personal Conveyance, Adverse Driving Conditions, etc.) have been moved to the HOS Status tab. Next to the “View cycle recap” button will be a new “View Exemptions” button, where drivers can apply the exemption.

A message that the exemptions have moved and a “Go to Exemptions” button will be on the Options tab, that will redirect drivers to the Status page for the exemptions:

Duplicate trailer check
When manually adding a trailer in the in Assets section, drivers now first need to search for a trailer to ensure it doesn’t exist. If the trailer already exists, they can select it:

If the trailer doesn’t exist, the “Add” button will appear and they will be able to add the trailer:

Oil Well Wait time now available without having a vehicle selected
Drivers that need to apply Oil Well Wait time can now do so without the need to have a vehicle selected.

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