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Below is a preview of new features and improvements that will be coming soon. Please check this page regularly for additional updates.

1903 Release

Add an annotation for Adverse driving exemptions
When you apply the Adverse driving conditions exemption, you will be prompted to enter an annotation with a minimum of four characters. Annotations are optional, but they provide helpful context when reviewing the HOS logs.

Combined Graph and Logs view 
The Graph and Logs information are both displayed under the Logs tab, eliminating the need to flip back and forth between tabs.

Additionally, the following updates to the Logs tab allow Drivers to view their logs more easily:

  • The Logs tab displays logs one day at a time. You can navigate to different days using the arrows at the top of the page, or click the date button to select a date from the calendar. The Logs tab displays the starting and ending odometer information for each vehicle. 
  • If a log requires attention (e.g. verification, requested edits, missing location, etc.), a notification banner display at the top of the Logs tab. Tap the banner, then select a date in the pop-up window to go to that specific log and make the required changes.

DVIR – Update to Other defect option
In the defect lists, the defect selection All in Part has been changed to Other to match how it displays in the app. When the defect is not listed, you can select Other and add a remark to provide more detail about the defect. When you select Other, the system selects the whole part.

DVIR Repair workflow improvement
The DVIR Repair workflow has been improved to signal more clearly that users must resolve each individual defect before clicking Save. In DVIRs with less than five defects, they will open automatically, with the Repaired and Not Necessary options visible.

Notify Driver of Administrator’s edits to a DVIR
When an Administrator edits a DVIR at the same time that a driver is editing it, the driver will receive a notification of the Administrator’s changes, and will prompt them to refresh the app. The user can tap the prompt to view the updates before making any further changes.

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Below are the features and improvements that were included in the previous release.

1902 Release

Password Change Confirmation in App
When changing the password in the app (if this option is made available), a message will display confirming the password has been changed successfully.

Adverse Driving Conditions Exemption Confirmation
To avoid selecting the Adverse Driving Conditions exemption button in error, drivers are now prompted to confirm whether or not they want to apply the exemption. Once selected, the exemption cannot be reverted.

Static ‘No Vehicle’ Button
When selecting from a long list of vehicles, the No Vehicle button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen instead of at the bottom of the list, preventing drivers from having to scroll all the way through the list to click No Vehicle.

Mark Individual Defects as Repaired
Drivers now have the abillity to repair and remark on individual defects in the app. For example, they can click individual defects to mark them as “Repaired” or “Not necessary”, and add a comment.


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