Bringing Justice to Trucking

One Industry Hero's Story

By Matthew Meeks

NLS Carriers got its start five years ago when Lamar Nelson took his long-term love of trucking to an entrepreneurial level. With a fleet of 10 and some ambitious growth projections for the near future, NLS is a look into a new type of carrier that’s focused on diversity and partnering with owner/operators.

Nelson’s vision was (and is) to create a company that is a home for owner/operators who’ve been treated unfairly by other carriers. Nelson partners with motivated drivers who want certain freedoms of being an individual owner/operator, while also benefitting from being part of the larger entity of NLS Carriers.

Quote from NLS Carriers’ website: Lamar’s vision grew to insuring that all owner/operators would work with honesty, integrity and transparency. In doing so, NLS Carriers Corp, takes care of its owner/operators with respect.

…And Nelson is no stranger to setting things right in the world, considering he’s been a homicide detective for 17 years. With a long history of fighting for justice in his community, it’s no wonder he aspires to bring just and fair work environments for owner/operators and drivers alike.

One way that Nelson is planning for the future of NLS, is by utilizing Transflo’s products and services.

Transflo Account Executive, Dwight Miguel, said, “Lamar Nelson and I had a demo set up earlier this year in January, and we ended up just chatting for nearly an hour about our companies.” Nelson felt the professionalism and admired Transflo’s story and immediately signed up for mobile scanning solutions, and then added TripPak services a week later.

“Nelson isn’t afraid to invest in his business. He understands the importance of new technology and providing enhancements for drivers at NLS,” Miguel explained.

“Drivers really like it, and Transflo works way better than CamScanner. TripPak helps out big time too!” Nelson explained.

“FedEx was very expensive, so we’re grateful that Transflo and TripPak are saving us so much money.”

When Nelson was asked about his Transflo Account Executive, he simply stated, “Dwight is awesome!”

The two are currently working on equipping NLS with additional Transflo products like ELDs (to replace grandfathered AOBRDs) and weigh station bypass services (powered by Drivewyze).

You can get in touch with NLS Carriers with their contact info below and for more info on Transflo fleet solutions, please contact Dwight Miguel.

Lamar Nelson

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Dwight Miguel

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