Drivers save time and hassle with industry-first mobile fueling experience TAMPA, Florida, September 26, 2016 – Pegasus TransTech, the leader in enterprise mobility and business process automation for the transportation industry, today announced that it is integrating the new myPilot mobile app from Pilot Flying J, the largest operator of travel centers and travel plazas in North America, into its Transflo Mobile platform. Transflo’s integration includes capabilities that allow professional drivers to expedite the fueling process at Pilot Flying J travel centers. Drivers choose a fuel lane based on real-time estimates of remaining wait time, receive a secure mobile pin code for card-less fueling, and quickly activate the fuel pump with the code. The experience saves drivers time and helps them avoid hassles each time they fuel. Features of the myPilot integration include:
  • Real-time fuel lane availability status updates
  • Mobile payment fueling options with securely stored credit card information
  • In-app fuel receipts
  • Instant access to loyalty points
  • Route mapping and travel center locator
  • Shower reservations
The new features are automatically activated by a virtual geofence, developed by Transflo, surrounding the travel center. When drivers enter the geofenced area, they receive an alert directing them to the myPilot functions. This ensures that vehicle operators do not need to use the app while driving and adds to the existing in-motion safety features of the solution. “The myPilot mobile app is designed to make life easier for professional drivers, and this integration with Transflo furthers that goal,” Pilot Flying J President Ken Parent said. “We're excited to provide offerings that can help a driver easily access information and create more efficiencies, giving them more time to spend on themselves." The integrated Pilot Flying J functionality will be accessible by more than 400,000 drivers who use Transflo Mobile and who represent most of the industry’s largest and most respected fleets. With an active user base now performing over 150 million transportation transactions and communications each year, Transflo will help accelerate adoption of the new myPilot app. “Given the frequency of driver fueling, we’ve calculated that a carrier can save a significant amount of driver time each year,” added Frank Adelman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus TransTech. “The integration immediately helps carriers gain back some of the time that is being taken away by the new hours of service rules. Billable hours and efficiency mean everything to our clients, and we’re improving both through our partnership with Pilot Flying J.” Transflo and Pilot Flying J are adding mobility to their longstanding document delivery and truck stop scanning partnership. Drivers access the new myPilot app features, manage loads, access payroll information, see real-time fuel pricing, and complete the majority of their work all through Transflo’s extensive enterprise mobility platform. Deployment of the new fueling functionality is expected to begin by the end of October.