Adding Your Dashcam to your Geotab Portal

This section describes the first steps in using the Surfsight Geotab Add-In within the Geotab marketplace.

1. Getting Started

This section describes the steps to assign a dashcam to a vehicle within your Geotab web-based portal .

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1.2 Security
The following Geotab security restrictions effect provisioning and management of Surfsight cameras and events with the Surfsight plugin:

a. Only users with the security clearance true for “Admin Devices” can Add / Delete / Update cameras. All other users will not have the buttons “Add Camera”, “Delete” and “Upgrade” available to them.

b. Only users with the security clearance true for “Administer Exception List” can edit Video Rules and Set Camera rules from the Geotab plugin. All other users will either have the applicable buttons not present and if pressing on the link for Video Rules, there will be text saying “Unauthorized Access”

1.3 Adding a Dashcam to a Vehicle
This section will describe the steps needed to assign a Surfsight dashcam to a Vehicle defined in the Geotab platform.

Prerequisite: The Geotab vehicle needs to be defined in the Geotab system and the Surfsight dashcam needs to be installed.

1. Open the Surfsight menu and click on the Vehicles items

2. Click on Add Vehicles. Please enter your dashcam serial number and select the associated vehicle with the Geotab Device installed. Save this information by clicking the Save at the top.

2. Configuring Video Events

The Surfsight Geotab Add In allows you to configure the Surfsight events as well as Geotab exception custom rules as video rules.

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2.1 Overview
When an event is set as a video event, the video of both front and rear cameras is automatically uploaded to the cloud service and will be available for viewing.

2.2 Configuring Dashcam Video Rules
Clicking on the Video Rules button next to each vehicle associated with a camera will provide a screen for provisioning the rules on the camera. The vehicle size needs to be set in this screen, and each individual video rule in the camera can be set. Note: By default all video rules are off for newly provisioned cameras in the Geotab plugin

2.3 Configuring Geotab Video Rules

Video Rules are available for Exceptions and Custom Rules that are enabled in the Geotab system. To set video rules, click on the video rules button within the Surfsight Add-In menu. You will then be able to set each Video Rule and click the Save button to save your settings.

2.4 Viewing Video Rules Videos

1. To view video exceptions, click on the Video Events tab in the Geotab Add-In

2. Select a period of time to view video events from that time period

3. Click on the Play button to view the video event. Note that both Geotab video events as well as provisioned Surfsight events will be provided in the list of events.

3. Viewing Video Recordings

Using the Surfsight Geotab Add-In, recordings from Surfsight devices can be viewed directly in the Geotab platform.

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3.2 Viewing Recordings
To view recordings from the Geotab platform follow the following steps:
Note: The Surfsight dashcam needs to be online to download recordings

  1. Click on the Recordings item in the Surfsight Add-In
  2. Click on the Options button next to the vehicle name, and select a date and time to see which recordings are available and click on the Apply button.
  3. A list of recordings from the Surfsight device will appear on the right side of the screen, click on the Play button, the recording will be downloaded from the device and played on the Geotab Add-In.

Training Videos

Videos to help you set up and use your Geotab Portal with your Surfsight Dash Cam.

Click here to view videos.

Dash Cam User Guide

This helpful training guide details how to set up, use the Dash Cam and more.

Drivewyze Transflo User Guide

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