Using Your Transflo Mobile Truck Navigation

The CoPilot Navigation service will provide turn-by-turn navigation based on the type of vehicle you’re driving.

Getting Started

Review the Starting CoPilot document for instructions on how to start the service. We recommend providing this document to your drivers to assist them in setting it up.

Step 1. Select Navigation

Step 2. Accept the End User Licensor’s Agreement

Step 3. Download your map (Maps should be downloaded while on wifi.)

Step 4. Press okay and start using your Navigation feature

If you do not have enough space on your phone you will get this error. And if you need to pause your download, you can pause or delete at any time.

How to Use Drivewyze

CoPilot will route you based on your selected vehicle profile. The default available profiles available in the app are listed below. These profiles will help ensure that you are only routed down roads you can legally and safely traverse.

Heavy Duty
Length: 53 ft. Height: 13.5 ft. Width: 102 in.

Medium Duty
Length: 26 ft. Height: 13.5 ft. Width: 96 in.

Light Duty
Length: 20 ft. Height: 7 ft. Width: 96 in.


You may also receive a welcome e-mail from with additional information.

If you need any custom routing profiles or have any questions please contact our support team:
Phone: 813-386-2327

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Phone: 813.386.6000

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