Using Your Weigh Station Bypass

Follow these set up steps to access the nation’s largest weigh station bypass service. Integrated into the Transflo Mobile App and powered by Drivewyze.

How to Start Drivewyze

If you are using the Transflo T-Series ELD then you do not have to start Drivewyze. It will activate automatically as part of the ELD system. Drivewyze will begin working automatically following registration. When approaching a weigh station the driver’s mobile device will display prompts indicating distance to the weigh station and whether they have been granted a bypass. For a full explanation on the service, the driver can refer to the video and documentation below. These are also available for the driver in their Transflo Mobile+ application.

If you don’t have the Transflo T-Series ELD follow these steps:

Step 1. Select the Drivewyze menu item

Step 2. Select your truck
Enter your truck number in the text field at the top of the screen
b.Select the correct vehicle from the remaining vehicles shown

Step 3. Truck in use alert
a. If the vehicle you select is in use, you will receive a warning message
b. Press CANCEL to select another vehicle -or- Press YES to select the vehicle and remove it from the other user

Step 4. Activating Drivewyze
a. Press START DRIVEWYZE to enable the bypass service (Or, press SELECT A DIFFERENT TRUCK to select another vehicle or Press CANCEL to end the process without starting Drivewyze)

When Drivewyze is successfully started you will see a green ON indicator on the Drivewyze menu item.

Weigh Station User Guide

This helpful training guide details how the integration works at Drivewyze sites,
bypass restrictions, coverage map, support contacts, and more.

Drivewyze Transflo User Guide

This helpful training guide details how the integration works at Drivewyze sites,
bypass restrictions, coverage map, support contacts, and more.

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How It Works: At Drivewyze Sites

Over 800 sites participate in the Drivewyze Bypass Program. You will receive 2-mile and 1-mile heads up notifications, indicated by a blue banner, at these sites.

At these Drivewyze sites you will receive one of three instructions:

Bypass Granted You may bypass the site

Bypass Not Granted Pull into site unless closed

Follow Road Sign Bypass instruction given on electronic sign


Drivers must always follow safe driver practices and never follow in cab signals if doing so poses a risk to safe driving.

Always be prepared to report to inspection sites; this includes moving safely into the lane nearest the eventual weigh station exit. If a driving instruction is delayed, always choose to exit  safely rather than wait for an instruction.


Bypass requests only submit license plate, VIN, and USDOT. Driver information is NOT shared. Bypass event logs are not certified for speed enforcement and cannot be used to issue speeding tickets.


Where can you receive bypasses?

Drivewyze provides bypasses in 44 States and 2 Canadian Provinces. If you’d like to view specific states or sites, click the map below to view the live coverage map.

Bypass Restrictions

Please be aware, some states have specific bypass restrictions. In this case, drivers must ignore bypass commands and pull in.

The Drivewyze team will follow up with your directly shortly after you receive your welcome e-mail. If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to our support team:

Phone: 813-386-2324.

Access the nation’s largest weigh station bypass service in Transflo Mobile.

The weigh station bypass, powered by Drivewyze, helps drivers and fleets save time and money. With the new Drivewyze integration drivers can now bypass over 700 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites in 43 states and provinces. It works on the same mobile devices carriers and drivers use to run Transflo Mobile and Transflo Telematics – no additional transponder required. This industry-leading technology allows for quicker load delivery and less time spent in inspection sites.

Drivewyze Integration with Transflo Mobile

Spend more time on the road with fully integrated Drivewyze features in Transflo Mobile. Drivers save fuel and on-duty driver time without having to stop or slow down at scales. It’s FMCSA compliant, hands-free, and no transponder needed.

Heads-up Alerts

Drivers reduce risks – no lane changes, no dangerous lineups on the highway, and no merging back into traffic.

  • Get alerts 2 miles and 1 mile away from the site
  • Hear and see alerts on the mobile device
  • Improve safety & reduce driver stress

Weigh Station Bypass Services

Access more bypasses opportunities at over 700 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites in 43 states and provinces.

  • Device will provide notifications to the driver 1 mile from the site
  • Notifications include Bypass the site, Pull In Unless Closed and more
  • Improves fleet efficiency & driver productivity with this solution

ELD bundled to save you money, financing available with no up-front hardware costsQuick Compliance
Affordable pricing with available inventory. Get a FMCSA-certified Transflo ELD with no up front hardware costs and a lifetime upgrades/warranty on ELD equipment. (An activation fee may apply depending on fleet size)

This mobile app for drivers gives you electronic bill of lading and more.Transflo Mobile Manage your whole workday – anywhere, anytime! Weigh station bypass, truck navigation with live traffic, E-Logs, loads, documents, & more.


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