A+ Premier’s Velocity+ Launch Pad

Use the contents on this page to help promote and register your carriers on the Velocity+ platform. Place the appropriate Velocity+ information (found in the “best practices section” below) on your rate confirmation sheet, website, and other forms of communication.

The information on this page is a good way to answer questions from carriers and drivers.  Making this information easy to find is also paramount to successful communication.

The information should include instructions on your process and using the Transflo Velocity+ platform, as well as giving carriers directions to register.

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Kevin Kirby
Broker Sales Manager
p: 813-499-9509 | c: 312-282-1174


Parker McCrary
VP Supply Chain Solutions

Awareness and Announcing

Best Practices
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Press Release
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Open this PDF and copy and paste the contents into Word. Forward to your PR firm or make the appropriate edits and push to your media contacts.

Broker Press Release Template

Carrier Email Announcement
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Sending an email to all carrier contacts helps get the message out.  The sample email should be sent prior to the Call Campaign to improve the Carrier’s responsiveness to Transflo’s calls. Open this PDF and copy and paste and edit the contents in your email platform.

Broker to Carrier Email Template

Educating Professionals

Carrier Agent Training
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Promotional Video: https://vimeo.com/441357968
Highlights broker benefits and provides visibility into the   carrier portal that the carrier will use.

Webinar Training: https://youtu.be/K-5IHuukQ8s
Review of the carrier portal with functional carrier highlights

Broker Benefits

Velocity+ digital tools help you get more freight covered AND book more loads in less time and with less work:

1. Cover more loads faster from your TMS.
2. Let Transflo's Command Center carrier portal transform the way you work with carriers
3. Your carriers see all available loads in one place
4. Less phone time with real time visibility of driver assignment, tracking and load events.
5. Bill the shipper faster when you receive the POD immediately upon delivery.

Velocity+ offers tools designed to simplify, speed up and automate your processes.

Carrier Dispatch Training
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Carrier promotional video: https://vimeo.com/441419862

Highlights benefits to the carrier and provides visibility into the Command Center carrier portal

Carrier benefits: Transflo Velocity Plus: making it easier for you to work with your broker and manage drivers.  The Velocity Plus carrier portal will help you streamline the broker-carrier-driver process.

1. Reduce your workload with a free portal that is desktop and mobile compatible
2. View and accept all freight made available to you in one location
3. Reduce check calls—you and the Broker know where the load is at all times
4. Get paid faster with easy invoice submission

Transflo Velocity Plus Command Center - book and run more loads faster and easier.

Carrier How-to videos:

How to Register

How to add Drivers

How to Log In

How to Accept or Decline Broker Offers

Finding Loads

Assigning Loads to Drivers

Re assign a Load

Tracking a Load

View Driver Documents

How to Invoice the Broker

Message Multiple Drivers

Message a Driver

Driver Training
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Driver benefits:

1. Single app for all drivers needs
2. Connects with broker, carrier and shipper
3. Full functionality covers the lifecycle of a load
4. Reduce check-calls

Driver videos:

How to Download and Register the Mobile App

Accepting a Load

Tracking a Load

Scanning Documents

Live Chat with Dispatch

View Load Details

Maintaining Relationships

Ongoing Engagement
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It is important to keep carriers engaged over time. To do this Transflo has a targeted nurturing campaign to keep carriers aware of new Velocity+ functionality and new freight broker relationships.

Transflo has identified three tools that help maintain carrier engagement:

1. Email Nurturing Campaigns
2. Newsletters
3. Social Media Posts

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