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Transflo ELD FAQs

Truck Stop Purchases

Road Side Inspection

Would an electronic logging device (ELD) be non-compliant with the ELD rule if the data cannot be sent electronically to an authorized safety official at roadside?

No. If the electronic means for transferring data is unavailable or fails, the driver can still be compliant by showing either a printout or the actual ELD display of their RODS.

However, keep in mind this does not apply if the HOS data transfer fails due to missing required data (i.e. driver’s license info, DOT number, VIN) – it is the carrier’s responsibility to ensure all that data is present in the system.


How do I register my Transflo T7 ELD device?

Once you have installed the Transflo HOS application, the app will walk you through the registration process step by step.

How do I know my device is installed properly and communicating (Ignition, GPS, connection)?

The Transflo ELD T7 device has 3 LEDs that indicates the health of the device and connectivity:

  • Red: The device has detected ignition and the vehicle has power
  • Green: The device is connected to the cellular network and can communicate with the Geotab servers
  • Blue: The device has latched onto the GPS satellites
I have purchased Transflo ELD at a truck stop. How do I get to see my engine data?

Please contact our ELD Support for assistance with upgrading your plan.

What phones are supported with Transflo HOS?

Most Apple iOS and Android phones are supported. All phones must have an 8 megapixel camera or better, with flash and auto-focus. Android phones have to be on Android 2.2 or higher, Apple iOS phones have to be on iOS 6.0 or later.

I have a new phone. How do I get my Transflo HOS app with all my data on my new phone?

Please contact our ELD Support for assistance with getting your Transflo HOS installed on your new phone.

Why is my Transflo T7 ELD device beeping?

Below are the few common reasons why the device may beep:

  • The device will enter diagnostic mode upon installation — the beeping at this point reveals information regarding the status of the device. The device will exit diagnostic mode and will stop beeping after a couple of trips
  • An audible alert exception rule may have been set up in the Transflo Telematics portal
  • The device may have driver feedback options enabled
  • The device is unable to connect to a cellular network and produces 4 beeps to notify the user
I switched trucks, and the harness I have for my Transflo T7 device no longer fits. How can I get a new harness?

Please contact our ELD Support for assistance with purchasing a new harness.

There is an issue with my credit card payment. Can you help me?

For all questions about credit card payments, please contact your credit card service.

I have run into issues during registration. Who can help me with this?

In cases of this nature, pleases reach out to our Support team who can further assist with this.


Do you offer driver training?

We offer a driver training webinar that is included in the Welcome Email sent to your administrator. It is a YouTube video link that can be kept with you at all times to refer back to.

Time Zones

How can I change my time zone?

The time zone is changed per the web portal. Your administrator would change this in the back portal. If you are concerned about cross country driving thru different time zones, the app will automatically change this for you as you cross each time zone.

HOS Statuses

When is Sleeper Berth Used vs. when should I log out?

You should use sleeper berth if you are physically going to utilize your sleeper berth. If you are ending your day, then you should log out as OFF DUTY.

Can Personal Conveyance and Off Duty be combined?

As long as you are in statuses that count as OFF DUTY, it is fine to use any combination of Off, Sleeper Berth or PC, as those settings are fine for doing your 34, 10, or 30 minute resets. You want to avoid ON, Driving, YARD MOVE, as these will break up your reset.

Technical Issues

What do I do if my Transflo T7 device is not communicating?

The first step is to try unplugging the device from the vehicle, and then plugging it back in to see if this will help re-establish communication. If the device still does not communicate, then please contact our ELD Support for further assistance. Common reasons why the device may not be communicating are:

  • The device may be in an area without cellular coverage
  • The device may be unplugged from the vehicle or has lost power from the harness
  • The device may be reporting, but it may have a GPS issue where it cannot latch onto the GPS satellites
My Transflo T7 device is no longer working. How can I get a new device?

Please contact our ELD Support for assistance with replacing your T7 device.


I just started driving for a different company. How can I get my logs for the previous 6 months over to my new company?

Please contact our ELD Support for assistance with getting your logs moved over to your new company.

How do I edit logs?

You can edit a log by clicking on it on the Logs tab, then click the pencil icon next to the item you would like to edit. You’ll be prompted to add an annotation before you can save your edit.

Can drive time be edited or deleted?

No. Under the mandate, all driving time must be accounted for. However, logs can be assigned to an unknown driver or annotated

Why are my drivers receiving duplicate ON logs?

The app automatically switches to ON when the vehicle stops moving for 5 minutes. If the driver manually changes to ON, a duplicate log is created.

Why are my drivers receiving duplicate D logs?

The app automatically switches to D when the vehicle hits a speed of 5 mph. If the driver manually changes to D before then, a duplicate log is created.

What happens if a driver never verifies their logs?

If logs are not verified within 14 days, the carrier will have to print the logs and obtain a physical signature from the driver. They will not be compliant until the driver verifies their logs.

Can I assign logs to a dummy driver, for instance when a mechanic driver the vehicle instead of the driver?
Once the log has been verified can it be edited?

An administrator should be able to edit a verified log. However, the driver after the administrator edits the log, the driver will see it in yellow on their side and will need to accept and reverify the log to accept the change.

Can you erase ELD information?

You cannot erase information or remove/delete log entries. Once it is in it will have to stay there. You can “edit” logs as long as they are not automatic drive entries. However, you cannot completely delete them. This is in accordance with FMCSA regulations.

How can I get an Edit History/Log Report?

From the application there is no way to get an edit history. However, an administrator can pull a history from the portal.

How does Personal Use/Conveyance show on the logs for DOT?

It shows in two areas – one is the graph and you will see a line on the off duty line but it will be striped instead of solid. The other, is in the individual log entry it will be listed as PC (Personal conveyance).

Can Yard Move in the log be edited?

Yard Move and Personal Conveyance are exemptions. Once an exemption is invoked, you cannot remove it. If you turn these on, it will always be there. It cannot be edited or removed. This is per FMCSA regulations.

Can an administrator change the status of a driver to be in Yard Move or Personal Conveyance?

It cannot be changed by driver or administrator. It is locked in per FMCSA regulations.


How are violations calculated?

Violations are calculated per the FMCSA ruleset.

Can you move the truck during a reset?

You can only move the truck while in Personal Conveyance; this will not break the reset. Moving the truck while not using Personal Conveyance will break your reset. Moving the truck while in Yard Move will place you On Duty, which will also break your reset.

(Exemptions) Yard Move/Personal Conveyance

How do I select Yard Move or Personal Conveyance?

In order to indicate driving time as a Yard Move or Personal Conveyance, go to the Options tab, and tap Start next to Yard Move or Personal Conveyance before you start driving. When you’re done with the Yard Move or Personal Conveyance, go back to the Options tab, and tap Stop.

Can Yard Moves and Personal Conveyance be applied retroactively?

No, per the FMCSA this is not allowed. The log should be annotated for compliance instead, stating that the log in question should have been a Yard Move or Personal Conveyance.

Under Personal Conveyance, should you remove the trailer?

There is no function in the app that keeps you from entering into PC while you have a trailer attached. However, if you are going to use PC, you should detach any trailers, as you are supposed to be unladen while using this. This is per FMCSA regulations.

Trailers And Vehicles

How often are my vehicles updated?

The Transflo Telematics map refreshes every 15 seconds in the browser. The Transflo T7 device itself will send updates at varying intervals depending on driver behavior or vehicle health. At a minimum, the Transflo T7 device updates its location at least once every 100 seconds while driving. The more the direction or speed changes, the more often the location will update.

How are truck rentals handled?

Paper logs can be used for 8 days. If the vehicle is in use for longer than 8 days, an ELD is required.

If a driver picks up a trailer not already in the database, can they add it themselves?

Yes. During the login process, drivers have the option to attach a trailer. When selected, they can choose an existing trailer, or tap New to add a trailer not already in the system. Fleets can disable the option for a driver to be able to add a new trailer, if so desired.

Eld Data Transfer

What ELD data transfer method will Transflo ELD support?

E-mail and web services

Cell Service

What happens when the vehicle goes outside of cell service?

Engine and location data are collected and stored on the Transflo T7 device. Once the vehicle returns to coverage, this data is sent to the servers, and then back to the Transflo ELD app.


If you have more than one defect you need to log how do you do this?

You can select as many defects as you need to. There is no limit of the amount of defects you can select in an inspection.

Transflo Mobile Plus Vs. Transflo Hos Application

What is the difference between the Transflo Mobile Plus and the HOS app?

The main difference is how you are signed up with Pegasus Transtech. The Transflo Mobile Plus is designed to accommodate our other services we offer such as document scanning, loading and messaging. Typically, if you sign a contract with us you will use Transflo Mobile Plus. If you are an owner/operator who has picked up the ELD for a monthly subscription or you are paying with a credit card you will typically use the Transflo HOS which you register and begin your subscription directly thru the application.

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