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Use the documents and videos on this page to address any issues you may have with Transflo products. If our self help section doesn’t solve your problem, call us!  We all need help sometimes, even if it’s just as simple as resetting a password.

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ELD and Telematics Self Help Support

For Transflo Mobile App Users and Online ELD Purchases

Driver Instructions

Driver Setup – Please follow the 3 steps below to download, register and install your Transflo ELD T7. Use the login information below, sent to you by your fleet in the welcome email, to complete these tasks.

Transflo Mobile+ App Login:
Company Name: [enter company name]
Recipient ID: [code]

Download, Registration and Installation:
1. App download. Search for “Transflo Mobile+” in Google Play (Android OS) or App Store (iOS app). Download. Open app and tap “register” to begin registration.
2. Registration. Drivers follow on-screen instructions in the app, using the recipient ID in this communication. Disregard “Registration” instructions in the “Reference Guide” of the box.
3. Installation. Drivers plug in the device using the instructions for “Installation” and “Lighting and Sound Sequence” found in the Reference Guide of the box. Watch Here.

Roadside Inspection – Transfer HOS Data
1. On the Dashboard, select Inspection.
2. Entering the officer code or a comment is optional.
3. Choose your desired transfer method of Email or Web Services. (Web Services is recommended)
4. If you are unable to use the transfer option, select  Compliance Print. This will display the report on the mobile device.

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Experiencing difficulties with a Transflo product not covered in the self help section, please call us at 813.386.2327 or fill out the form below.

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Driver How-To Guides

Below are links to helpful training resources to get you started. They were also attached to the welcome email sent to your fleet.

Driver Training Videos
Driver Training Videos and FAQs – in addition to the training resource above, we have provided video links to get started and a link to frequently asked questions.
  • Instructional video for hours of service (HOS): Watch Here.
  • Instructional video DVIR Report: Watch Here.
  • Instructional video for updating your vehicle assets: Watch Here.
  • Instructional video to general questions about HOS, rulesets, and compliance: Watch Here.
  • Instructional video on how to use the portal, editing logs, managing vehicles, and users: Watch Here.
  • Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.


Transflo Telematics Driver Training Webinar: Watch Here. Transflo Telematics Entrenamiento de la aplicación para choferes: Watch Here.

Transflo ELD How-to Videos

How to Team Drive: Watch HereChange Duty Status: Watch HereEdit a Log: Watch HereAdd a Duty Status Log: Watch Here Accepting Edits: Watch HereVerifying Logs: Watch HereYard Move and Personal Use: Watch HereTransfer Logs to DOT: Watch HereDo a PTI On Log In: Watch Here Select or Change Your Vehicle: Watch HereHow to Log Out: Watch HereAdd a Team Driver: Watch Here

Español Transflo ELD How-to Videos

Aceptando cambios ( Accepting Edits): Watch HereComo añadir un estado (Add a Duty Status Log): Watch HereAgregar un controlador de equipo (Add a Team Driver): Watch Here Como cambiar tu estado (Change Duty Status): Watch HereCambiar o Seleccionar un vehículo (Change/Select a vehicle): Watch HereCómo cerrar sesión (How to log out ): Watch HereTransferir registros a DOT (Transfer logs to DOT): Watch HereInspección de previa al viaje ( Pre Trip on log in): Watch HereVerificar tu registro (Verifying Logs): Watch HereComo editar tu registro (Edit a Log): Watch Here

New Features Coming Soon

Here is a preview of new features and improvements that will be coming soon. Please check this page regularly for additional updates. New ELD Features

 Fast resolution to issues

Software & Apps

  • Driver id and login issues
  • Problems accepting loads
  • Not receiving settlements
  • Unable to submit claims
 Support drivers on the road


  • Track document images
  • Request originals/rescans
  • Keep truck stop location scanning solutions online
 Expert advice and training

TripPak Box

  • Envelope tracking
  • Pickup Times
  • Broken/Damaged Box
  • Lost Keys
  • Unable to lock box
  • Missed pickup/box full
 Expert advice and training

Envelopes & Logs

  • Envelope orders/inquiries
  • Driver Log orders

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