A Shift in Shipper Efficiency and Expectations

How the “Amazon Effect” is Changing the Supply Chain

By Matthew Meeks

The “Amazon Effect” has changed the world of freight resulting in more people wanting to see exactly where things are, and fast!

This is exactly why cloud-based technology AND no-touch digital document scanning & sending are becoming the new norms.

These types of new tech within the supply chain are allowing documents to be indexed digitally and then associated with the shipper, broker, receiver, carrier and driver (all within the cloud) – offering a platform where all parties can access documents and have real-time visibility.

Shippers are describing the benefits of modern advances, saying:

1. Being able to organize paperwork digitally at any point of a load life-cycle increases efficiencies, enhances workflows, and improves pandemic safety and compliance.

2. As a shipper, I can submit documents which are then matched (through a server) with the driver that initiated the activity.

3. The supply chain really is evolving, and shippers can grow their relationships with freight brokers and carriers by getting on board with practices like electronic BOL & POD.

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