The Latest Tool Elevating Shippers to New Heights

A Supply Chain Update
By Matthew Meeks

Shippers, listen up… This one’s for you!

The supply chain has seen a lot of modern advances in technology and digital automation processes over the last few years. One of the most recent developments being…electronic bill of lading (eBOL) and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). These solutions are proving to be the tools to take your business to the next level.

This is the next generation of document digitization and data exchanging for the supply chain, providing multiple ways for shippers and receivers to provide the necessary documents to drivers – including allowing documents to be uploaded electronically and enabling document scanning for shippers through the Transflo Mobile+ app.

Shippers are Improving their Relationships with the Entire Supply Chain:

  • With eBOL and ePOD, shppers help everyone in the supply chain stay safe, efficient, and productive – giving their businesses trusted reputations and more opportunities to grow.
  • The industry is rapidly moving to new digital solutions – connecting Carriers, Drivers, Shippers, and Freight Brokers alike!
  • With eBOL and ePOD processes, shippers are achieving deeper integrations with their business partners.

Here are just a few Abilities & Solutions Shippers are talking about:

  • Users can take pictures of loads, and utilize time stamping and geocoding technology.
  • Drivers will have access to forms that allow them to engage shipper workers and receive e-signatures from receivers.
  • Documents are indexed and associated with the shipper, receiver, carrier and driver within the Transflo document cloud, allowing all parties access to the documents.
  • Users selecting to scan, e-sign and send documents via the Transflo Mobile+ app, can do so with Transflo industry-leading scanning technologies.
  • Users can organize paperwork digitally at any point of the load life-cycle which increases efficiencies, enhances workflows, and improves safety and compliance to COVID-19.
  • Once documents have been submitted by a shipper, Transflo’s server matches the documents with the driver that initiated the activity. If there is a load associated with the event on the driver’s app it will also be matched with those documents.

eBol and ePOD are Actually part of a Whole Ecosystem:

The Transflo Mobile+ suite integrates electronic document scanning, real-time load visibility, digital signature capture, and other features such as image optimization and digital workflow management tools. Transflo is the largest supplier of POD solutions in the industry.

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