Foreign Creatures Invade U.S. and Attack the Trucking Industry

“Strict Quarantine Regulation in Effect for Truck Drivers”

By Matthew Meeks

It’s a bird… it’s a plane…no, it’s the killer spotted lantern fly!

There’s a new bug in town and it’s being labeled as a crop killing invader effecting truckers, farmers and the entire community.

It’s called a spotted lantern fly (SLF).

The species could do up to $18 billion in economic harm in Pennsylvania alone.

It’s affecting various trees, grapevines and hops. Yes, this insect is attacking our beer!

Now that I’ve got your attention…

Trucking Professionals: SLF training is required for drivers and warehouse workers operating routes in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. It is also required by drivers who have routes going through the quarantine areas within southeast Pennsylvania.

Fleets with the Transflo Mobile+ app can call their reps to have a SLF compliance package added to their fleet’s mobile apps, which includes quarantine requirements, training information, and other data needed to stay compliant.

The colorful moth-like insect is native to Asia (primarily Vietnam and China). Scientists believe it hitched a ride on a boat from China and now it is wreaking havoc on crops in Pennsylvania, and surrounding states.

Pennsylvania has issued quarantine areas in its southeast counties. Anyone who spots them is encouraged to take photos and report the sightings immediately.

Tips to prevent the spread of the insects:

  1. Learn about what SLF looks like in every stage of its development. Note: the insect starts out as black with white spots and no wings. Then it grows into red/black color and eventually grows wings. Refer to chart.
  2. Avoid parking or storing things under trees… especially in potentially infested areas. Doing so prevents the insects and their eggs from landing on and attaching to your vehicle.
  3. Inspect all items you’re moving from a quarantine area to outside a quarantine area. Remove and destroy any SLF that you find. Be sure to check trailers and equipment, including windshield wipers, grills, wheel wells and truck beds.
  4. Obtain a permit through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA). This provides evidence you’ve completed the required training about how to follow the rules of the quarantine order AND that you agree to do all you can to ensure the insects are not transported outside of quarantined areas.

Be sure to stay compliant and assist in the quarantine efforts to prevent this invader from spreading farther.

And remember that Transflo is here to help. Contact your rep today to have your Transflo Mobile+ app updated with the SPL compliant info & documentation.

Fill out the form below and our professional services department will contact you shortly.

We’ll even update you to our new and improved version of the app at no cost!

NOTE: The spotted lantern fly is only harmful to plants. They are NOT harmful to people and do NOT bite or sting…but it does kind of feel like a cheesy 1950s horror movie doesn’t it? 🦋

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