The transition from Winter to Spring is a crucial time for your truck/s. To help you protect your investment here are some quick maintenance tips for your rig. Sound good?

Here we go…

1. Put a Halt to Salt

Start by just giving that under carriage a rinse and wash. Salt is a killer and you don’t need any lingering slat from the winter roads corroding your ride. After the rinse, use attention to detail to check for any rust or corrosion (and get yourself a good rust inhibitor if needed). Make sure to check electrical cords for signs of corrosion.

Put a halt to salt by using a wet-vac on the floor of your cab. Not only will you get things squeaky clean again, but you’re also cleaning out the salt and dirt that accumulates around your doors. This prevents salt corrosion and protects your investment. 

Noteworthy: Truck radiators are at high risk of corrosion after driving on salted roads. Discovering any issues and fixing them at home is WAY EASIER than dealing with it on the road. 

2. Protect Your Paint

Keep that paint job lookin’ real purdy. With a cost upwards of $25,000 to paint a truck these days, it’s in all our best interest to maintain that outer shell. The transition from winter to spring is a great time to polish up that exterior after the harsh winter elements – Use a cleaner wax first followed by another coat of wax. Truckin’ easy!

Bonus Reminder: Your IFTA reports are due April 30, 2019.

3. Be on Rust Watch

…Or more specifically, rusted dust shields. Take a look at those shocks, shock mounts and yes, dust shields (which are particularly prone to rusting). And listen, the DOT will jump on you If yours is rusting and falling off. So, avoid that ticket and save money.

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