Let's Talk Tech for Freight Brokers and 3PLs - A 2021 Spotlight

Various new types of technology are available to Brokers and 3PLs today… and while adopting new tech has become crucial for freight brokers to stay successful and competitive, it’s important they implement the right solutions based on the individual brokerage…

Watch 3PL Perspectives’ Rob O’Byrne and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey as they discuss the outlook for broker tech and software this year:

And if you are interested in a customized solution for your brokerage, Transflo can cater to your needs – whether you’re looking for full load visibility and back office automation OR increased efficiency and a competitive edge, we’re here to help!

Find out today how you can become a broker of choice in 2021. For more info about Transflo solutions and products, please contact us at:
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