Hotshot hits the Jackpot

By Matthew Meeks

The freight industry offers a lot of opportunity for a motivated entrepreneur but isn’t without its fair share of challenges too. So, as The Boys Hotshot LLC approaches their company’s one-year anniversary this November, Transflo checks in with the owner, Tina Davey, to talk about industry challenges and to see how Transflo products have influenced their business.

On Weigh Station Bypass:

Davey’s drivers took advantage of a one-month free trial of weigh station bypass services earlier this year and, “After the trial, my drivers were at first hesitant about paying for the cost of the additional service,” she explained. However, once the services were no longer active, her drivers realized just how much time and money weigh station bypass offered. In fact, one of Davey’s drivers said, “I don’t care how much it cost, I got to have it back!”

Transflo now includes weigh station bypass bundled in its affordable compliance packages and offers it individually starting at 17.99 per month. Click here for more info.

On ELD & Telematics:

It was actually the drivers who introduced Transflo ELDs to Davey when she started the Boys Hotshot LLC. With Transflo’s telematics, “I am able to see everything easily which is so important,” Davey said. “And the drivers like it too. It really is the easiest and most logical decision.”

Transflo’s ELD & telematics are powered by Geotab – and was declared the number one commercial telematics vendor worldwide by ABI Research. So, if you’re not using the best, isn’t time you start? Whether you’re switching from AOBRD to ELD or just want to get the best, click here for more info.

Even with new technology the trucking industry isn’t without its challenges, and Davey acknowledges that, “many drivers these days want to run their own business.” This is a real issue effecting driver retention within the industry. Davey wants to maintain a business plan that allows her to offer competitive wages to her drivers and said, “We don’t take out as much as the average larger carrier.”

Davey has plans to grow and diversify her fleet too. “We’re looking at adding sprinter vans so we can also haul smaller loads without paying larger overhead,” Davey explained. She also has her sights set on adding a big rig to her fleet which currently only consists of 40-foot hotshot trucks (AKA dually trucks).

The Boys Hotshot LLC is based out of Teague, TX and hauls an array of freight from sheet metal to machinery.

To get in contact with The Boys Hotshot refer to their contact info below AND for more info on Transflo fleet solutions, please contact Nathan Brown. 

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