Are You a Freight Broker of Choice? 

Today’s Top-Performing Brokers are Doing 3 Things…

1. Eliminating “app fatigue”

Many freight brokers have designed their own mobile apps for carriers & drivers to use – but the adoption of these apps has been low. Here’s why: Carriers work with multiple brokers and don’t want to use a dozen (or more) different mobile apps to do business – it’s not efficient.

However, with a platform like the one the Transflo Mobile+ App offers, carriers can do business with our list of elite brokers to work with – all on ONE app.

2. Eliminating tedious & unnecessary back-office tasks 

Did you know on average, freight brokers make 10-15 calls per load to get info on it and track its status? Transflo Velocity+ automates the entire lifecycle of a load so brokers can track and view EVERYTHING from load assignment to delivery – all from their computer.

3. Recognizing that a driver’s experience matters

Freight brokers want to give drivers an experience that’ll keep them coming back. With Transflo Velocity+ drivers can live-chat with freight brokers through the app, eliminate time-consuming phone calls – and coming soon – drivers can also get paid faster with auto-invoicing through Quick Pay.

Are you ready to become a preferred freight broker?



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