Transflo Introduces Trailer Tracking

With Telematics & Location Reporting

Transflo introduces Trailer Tracking with solar powered devices that integrate into the Transflo Mobile+ platform and give fleet managers near real-time communications and GPS-based tracking of trailers, containers, and other assets.

Solar powered trailer tracking devices.

Transflo is excited to offer the TT600-series telematics device manufactured by Flex. It’s a compact, rugged device that’s simple to install, and has a solar cell and back-up battery that lasts up to four months with no solar charge. The unit provides complete transparency into the utilization, dwell time, and movements of critical assets.

“Adding asset tracking to the industry’s most powerful cloud-based business management and telematics platform lets Transflo Mobile+ users know precisely when and how their equipment is performing at any time, even when it’s not connected to a tractor or power source,” said VP of Product and Innovation, Doug Schrier. “Simply install it, turn it on, and the device begins working automatically.”

The TT600-series device has an efficient 4G Cat-M/NB-IoT LTE chipset with 2G backup for always-on two-way cellular communications. It produces one GPS fix per minute when in motion for a steady stream of location information, and the optional RS232/CAN connector allows advanced data capture from trailer sensors, including vehicle health and status, theft and tampering alerts, and remote reefer-unit control and temperature monitoring.

Two trailers with trackers attached.

At 10.3 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches, the telematics unit uses little space and attaches to the trailer or other asset with just four rivets, screws, or bolts. And its solar cell and large backup battery can provide virtually uninterrupted untethered power.

“Having the telematics device continuously report its location is ideal for trailer pools, ‘power-only’ freight, temperature-controlled fleets, and any operation where you want to eliminate unproductive time and improve communication with drivers, customers, administrators, and maintenance personnel,” says Schrier. “Because the unit is solar-powered, it can be mounted to virtually any asset, which extends its value and versatility.”

Transflo Trailer Tracking leverages the benefits of Transflo Mobile+, the most widely used enterprise mobility and workday management platform for truck fleets and their drivers. The Transflo Trailer Tracker is available today, contact Transflo sales for more information.

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