Dual-Facing Cameras
1080P HD Adjustable front-facing camera and 720P HD driver-facing cameras.

WiFi Enabled
Ability to act as hotspot or connect to WiFi Access Point.

Safety Sensors
Distracted Driver, Braking, Acceleration, Speeding, Sharp Turns, GeoFence, Tamper Event, and Jolt.

Data Storage
Up to 128 GB – SD Card Class 10 needed for high speed video recording

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Lower Risk & Save Money…

We know that having a team you can trust is essential to running a business right. That’s why you hire trustworthy people to drive your vehicles and offer proper training to make sure they’re the best drivers they can be. At the end of the day though, having a little extra protection for your expensive vehicles and cargo is always a good idea.

With a dashcam system in your fleet, there’s an instant level of caution added to your team of drivers. When the road and inside of the cab are always monitored just in case of trouble, anyone driving the fleet truck, van, or another vehicle will likely drive more defensively and pay a little bit more attention.


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Keep your fleet on the road!

Everyday in today’s world, drivers are confronted with insurance scams, driver fraud, and more. This is especially true when it comes to commercial fleet vehicles. Due to scammer knowledge that fleet vehicles have a company (with money) behind them, commercial fleet vehicles are targeted more frequently than an average family sedan.

One tactic that’s been growing in prominence in the U.S. is a “crash for cash” scam in which the offending driver passes a large, slow breaking commercial truck and slams on their breaks to cause an accident. These types of wrecks were once extremely hard to discredit or defend your drivers from, but fleet dashcams are the ultimate defense! Dashcams are the ultimate impartial witness to thwart a would-be highway scam artist, and they’ll bring your entire fleet peace of mind on the road…

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