This solution gives drivers multiple ways to submit their trip paperwork.

You can transmit documents using:

Here’s how Transflo Express Scanning works:

  1. The entire process typically takes less than a minute.
  2. The driver hands trip documents to a trained cashier.
  3. The cashier scans the trip documents.
  4. The cashier prints a confirmation receipt, staples it to the trip documents and hands all of the paperwork back to the driver.
  5. The scanned trip documents are transmitted to Transflo’s redundant data centers and delivered electronically to the carrier.
  6. The carrier receives the document via their preferred delivery method. Documents can be sent into an FTP directory or imaging system; they can be emailed or sent to a network printer.
  7. The documents are available immediately for billing and settlements.
  8. Driver retains originals until settlement is complete.

With Transflo Express, carriers achieve:

instant document access

Instant access to documents

solutions for drivers

Easy solution for drivers

Compressed billing timeframes

Compressed billing timeframes


“We’ve met our two primary goals. We’ve improved cash flow by reducing DSO and we’ve improved the way we process driver payroll.”

Mike Gabbei, VP of IS, Celadon

Transflo Now – Scan Anywhere

This easy-to-use applications gives drivers the freedom to scan wherever they prefer – from their truck, cab, home, office or any location using a computer and a TWAIN-compliant scanner. This solution utilizes the same infrastructure as the Transflo truck stop scanning service, delivering high quality images straight into your workflow!

Key Benefits:

  • Free and easy to download and install
  • Fleet ID ensures accurate deliver
  • Works with a wide variety of scanning devices
  • Easy to use – no training required
  • Documents are delivered the same way they would be from a truck stop
  • Users receive a confirmation number via email
  • Fleets can configure indexing at a batch or document level
  • Users have a document history review screen to view the status of all transactions

Documents can be viewed online for up to 14 days after submission. Drivers or fleets can access documents through an online confirmation viewer at Simply enter the confirmation code to see a PDF or TIFF image.

Print on demand documents

Sometimes you need to get documents to your drivers. Instead of making them wait at the fuel desk to get their document, Transflo has a better way. At a growing number of our truck stop scanning kiosks, we have added printers that allow drivers to simply enter in their confirmation number and hit print. The same tool also allows drivers to fax or email documents to a third party, like a customs broker, saving time and out-of-pocket costs.

This is ideal for:

  • Border crossing documents – ACI/ACE
  • Insurance documents
  • Claims paperwork
  • Permits & registrations
  • HR related documents
  • Rate confirmation sheets
  • BOL for intermodal shipments
  • Paperwork requiring physical signatures

FREE ELDQuick Compliance
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Transflo Completes Electronic Logging Device Registration with FMCSA