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Create a customized document management platform

Creating and managing a secure environment to accept and process incoming documents can be a drain on IT resources. Transflo offers two solutions, cloud-based and in-house, to help clients create a fully configured platform without the implementation headache. Both of these solutions deliver state-of-the-art infrastructure with comprehensive workflows that securely maintain and store inbound document images. Coupled with Transflo document processing tools, this environment allows for downstream process automation simplifying processes.

Transflo Imaging solutions helps clients:

Simplify document processing

Simplify document processing

Grow with scalable resources

Grow with scalable resources

Decrease billing timeframes

Decrease billing timeframes

With over 400 million documents flowing through the Transflo system each year, we have built up extensive experience creating and managing robust document management infrastructure. Our team of IT professionals will help you identify the best solution, integrate your workflows, and deploy a configured system.

Looking for resources to design and implement your Transflo solution?

Our Business Process Consultants have extensive experience – be sure to check out their examples.

Extract more from your Transflo solutions

Our proprietary imaging solution gives clients the more efficient method to retrieve, store, and process images received through our extensive document delivery methods. Regardless of how documents are submitted, Transflo captures these and delivers them straight into your environment. For a fully automated process, you can incorporate any of our other document management solutions into this system.

Our dedicated experts can manage your enviroment

For help maintaining your Transflo Imaging solution without adding IT resources, check out our Virtual Administration packages.

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