Transflo + Synergize - the DMS Solution You've Been Waiting for...

Transflo customers now have access to a world-renown DMS solution called Synergize, which is revolutionizing the industry.

Why do carriers Synergize?


1. Significant and rapid growth with back office automation
2, Elimination of check calls
3. Quick invoicing in a fraction of the time
4. And more!

Alan Slater at Bandstra Transportation Systems, says, “Synergize has certainly helped us scale the business. If we hadn’t started using Synergize we would have never been able to cope with all the paperwork or take on bigger and bigger clients.”

It's about making life easier for fleets, and ensuring new technology is seen as an asset, not a burden.  

Many trucking company leaders still think they have to:

  • Chase down drivers for missing docs
  • Fork out cash for in-cab scanners
  • Pay freight factoring companies to collect overdue invoices
  • Wait days, weeks, or months to get paid

It's no longer true though! Let us show you the tools that can eliminate unnecessary and spending waiting around. 

For more info on how to get started with Synergize and other Transflo solutions, please contact us at: (866) 528-7172  |  [email protected]

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