Touchless Documents

Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) and Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) The next generation of document digitization and data exchange for the supply chain. Solutions that offer multiple ways for shippers and receivers to provide the necessary documents to drivers, including allowing documents to be uploaded electronically and enabling document scanning for shippers through the Transflo Mobile+ app.


Bundle Up!

We may all be in the freight business but that doesn’t necessarily mean all of our needs are the same. Today’s fleets require dynamic solutions year-round to meet a variety of specific needs. See what a custom bundle can do for you.


Transflo Velocity+

In this episode of Tech Talks, we explore the Transflo Velocity+ platform. Learn how to optimize load tracking and paperless fleet management.


Optical Character Recognition

If paperwork (like receipts, BOLs and PODs) is the blood that keeps a fleet alive, then a proper DMS are the veins that help get the information where it needs to go. In this week’s episode, we dive into the technology behind document management systems and why they are necessary for the modern trucking company.


Paycom Integration.

In this week’s episode of Transflo Tech Talks, we talk about leveraging Paycom integration. Automation (especially cloud-based) allows operations to continue business as usual, even while working remotely.


ELD Bundles.

Transflo bundle packages are about staying compliant and ahead of your competition.

See about how you can get your own tailored solution for your fleet.


Navigation built for trucks – Not cars.

Guiding the industry towards a safer route is truck-based navigation. Between road restrictions, height and weight limits, and steep curves; navigating roadways can be challenging.

Our latest episode of Transflo Tech Talks demonstrates how truck-based GPS is a game changer for fleets.


Are Your Vendors Working Together to Drive Success?

Companies far and wide offer many types of solutions, and for some fleets they require multiple vendors to fit their needs. In this week’s episode, we explain the necessity behind integrating with software platforms to bring dynamic solutions to our clients.


An All-in-One Mobile App

One app to rule them all! 

As the demand for freight increases, today’s fleets require dynamic solutions to meet their needs.

In this week’s episode, our team of experts explain why you should consider evolving past scanning and find an all-in-one solution, and what you need to look out for…


Weigh Station Bypass

You Aren’t Seriously Still Pulling Into the Weigh Stations, Are You?

Time is Money, and each minute waiting at a weigh station is lost cash, fuel and productivity for your fleet. So what if you were able to skip the wait and continue your journey without interruption…?