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Here’s how it works:

  1. Transflo Velocity immediately delivers your invoice and load paperwork to the broker.
  2. Your invoice goes directly into the payment process.
  3. You can confirm that your invoices arrived for processing and receive a confirmation number.
  4. Because the broker receives your invoice and paperwork electronically, you GET PAID FASTER!

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This service allows you to instantly send documents from Transflo Express or simply upload them right from your computer. With over 250 brokers using Transflo Velocity, including 8 of the top 10 ranked by Transport Topics, now you have a single way to submit all your broker paperwork. So, click on the link below to find Brokers that let you send documents to them for free.


When you fill out the form below, put “Velocity Thank You” in the Marketing Code field and we contact you about how to use our app to scan to brokers at no cost and how to get our premium navigation and weigh station bypass features.

Confirmation numbers

Confirmation number for each batch

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Improved revenue streams with faster payment

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Single solution for majority of brokers