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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Digital

America's Most Haunted Roads

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Transflo and Microdea Merge

TIA: Freight's Digital Metamorphosis

Drivewyze's Trucker Movie 'Watch List'

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

When Taking Your Brokerage Digital

The switch from paper to digital, and manual labor to automation, requires the right solution matched with a seamless transition. 

We’ve been in business since 1991 helping freight brokers and carriers implement the latest tech that keeps the supply chain thriving…And to help guide you, we put together the three most common mistakes freight brokers make during their digital transitions. Here are three things to avoid:

1. Designing Your Own App

Most brokerages underestimate the cost and time involved in launching a mobile app. Plus, post-launch maintenance like security, support, and updates are ongoing and can require major costs. Instead of paying an estimated $100,000 to upwards of $1 million annually, a good best practice for companies is to go with an existing industry-trusted app that’s already thriving in the market....

Read all 3 tips here...

Truckers Beware

7 of America's Most Haunted Roads 

By Matthew Meeks

Whether it’s heading down to a local attraction like a haunted corn maze, or just curling up on the couch and watching a cult classic horror film – the truth is clear – people like to be scared. But attractions and movies are just actors and special effects…some people are looking for something a little more “real.”

An old trend is gaining popularity again this year – visiting locations that are supposedly…actually haunted.

Most people know at least a couple famous “haunted” structures in the U.S. like the infamous Amityville house in New York or the Stanley Hotel in Colorado (made famous by Stephen King’s The Shining).

But what about haunted roads?

At the link you’ll find 7 roads that only the brave should even consider venturing down in the dead of night… 

See the Spooky List here...


Transflo Scorecard

Transflo recently acquired Ontario, Canada-based Microdea to broaden its digitized workflow capabilities for shippers, freight brokers, carriers, drivers and receivers. The combined business will operate under the Transflo brand and have a portfolio of mobile apps, telematics, electronic logging device (ELD) and business process automation systems that now include Microdea’s enterprise document management software, Synergize....

Drivewyze's Trucker Movie

'Watch List'

For those with a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or some other video streaming platform, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a good chunk of time aimlessly scrolling through the platform looking for something entertaining to watch. We’ve all been there.

If you’ve scrolled all the way through the video categories, maybe it’s time to try something new. It’s never a bad time to throw on an old classic trucker film – back when truck drivers were portrayed as ‘cowboys’ of the road. Or, in many of the films below, out to be the villain. A few years ago, we put together a list of some of our favorite trucker films – and we thought it was about time to expand that list. Here are some more movies worth checking out...

View list here...

TIA & Transflo present: 

Freight's Digital Metamorphosis

We partnered with TIA to bring you a special webinar focusing on freight brokers and 3PLs, and how to guide your way through the evolving digital landscape of back-office automation and load offer modernization. We’re giving you complimentary access to watch the presentation in full above.

Finding the Right Fit 

Closing the gaps within the Supply Chain

Shippers and private fleets have a demanding role within the transportation supply chain. The need for freight visibility, compliance hardware and load management are all essential for shippers to meet customers’ and consumers’ expectation.

With all of the manual process within freight, something as simple as going green (paperless) seems daunting.

This being said, we can take you to green. Check out a few of our solutions.

AscendTMS & Transflo Partner
Together to Help Carriers

3 Months Free – Compliments of Transflo! Are you a Carrier using Transflo Mobile+? Now you can manage your operations with the same TMS technology used by the largest transportation companies in the biz – Get your free 3 months of AscendTMS here.

Additionally, Transflo wants to offer those already using  the best in Transportation mobile apps, Transflo Mobile+, totally free for 3 months (just fill out the form to the right). Tranflo Mobile+ platform is now  fully integrated with 

This partnership provides access to the perfect solution for carriers and drivers with seamless integration of AscendTMS and the Transflo Mobile+


ELD bundled to save you money, financing available with no up-front hardware costsQuick Compliance
Affordable pricing with available inventory. Get a FMCSA-certified Transflo ELD with no up front hardware costs and a lifetime upgrades/warranty on ELD equipment. (An activation fee may apply depending on fleet size)

This mobile app for drivers gives you electronic bill of lading and more.Transflo Mobile Manage your whole workday – anywhere, anytime! Weigh station bypass, truck navigation with live traffic, E-Logs, loads, documents, & more.


See what the press is saying about how our ELD, Mobile platform and electronic bill of lading connects the supply chainNewsroom
Transflo Completes Electronic Logging Device Registration with FMCSA


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