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Contactless, but not Universal

Transflo President Michael Southworth Discusses the Opportunity Ahead 

"Michael Southworth has an extensive background in technology, and that aligns perfectly with Transflo’s history of technological innovation.

'Michael’s deep expertise in emerging technology and mobility provides the perfect puzzle piece that Transflo needs to transform the supply chain for the 21st century,' Transflo CEO Frank Adelman said in a Nov. 19 statement announcing Southworth’s appointment as company president. 'We are thrilled to have him join our leadership team and advance the company toward a streamlined, digital future.'

Southworth, who was most recently general manager of Verint Systems’ Intelligent Self-Service business, talked with FreightWaves about joining Transflo and what customers and employees can expect as Transflo builds toward the future...." (SOURCE)

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The Top-Rated Gifts for Truck Drivers

It’s time to spoil the truck driver in your life. Professional drivers are constantly working their tails off to bring and deliver things to other people year-round, so let’s not forget to give back. Whether you’re a friend, family member, or Carrier looking for the perfect gift, here are the top-rated things to get a truck driver for the holidays, or any occasion!

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A Discussion of Liability and Visibility

Among Shippers and Freight Brokers

Many shippers simply don’t have full visibility into which carriers and drivers are hauling their freight when using a freight brokerage or 3PL company… While there are the obvious benefits shippers get by working with brokers (liability, logistics, etc.), many shippers still express a desire to know which carriers are hauling their products, and have questions like: “Was that trucking company properly vetted? Do they have a safe driving history? Do they have the correct insurance requirement? Have they passed U.S. Department of Transportation drug testing recently?” Source To achieve this level of visibility in the supply chain today (some say) it would take making a switch to on-demand freight AKA “the Amazon effect...

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Transflo Scorecard

Contactless Load and Unload on the Rise

...But Far From Universal for Owner-Operators

Source: Overdrive 

"Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared after spread to the United States’ and so many other countries’ shores early in the year, fleets, owner-operators and their tech vendors of varying stripes have devised a variety of ways to limit close contact between front-line operators and office staff, customers and others whose interaction is a part of doing the business of trucking.

The replacement of paper bills of lading with electronic versions, and the digital hand-off of the BOL for signatures for proofs of delivery (POD), have been talked about and executed in some forms by trucking companies in collaboration with vendors and customers for a substantial amount of time, according to Frank Adelman, CEO of document-management system and..." (Source)

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Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When

Taking Your Brokerage Digital

By Matthew Meeks



The switch from paper to digital (and manual labor to automation) requires the right solution matched with a seamless transition.

Since 1991, Transflo has been helping freight brokers and carriers implement the latest technology to keep the supply chain thriving. To help guide 3PL professionals in this process, we have put together a list of the most common mistakes freight brokers make during their digital transitions. Here are three things to avoid:

1. Designing Your Own App

Most brokerages underestimate the cost and time involved in launching a mobile application. Plus, post-launch maintenance like security, support, and updates are ongoing and can require major costs.

Instead of paying an estimated $100,000 to upwards of $1 million annually, a good best practice for companies is to go with an existing industry-trusted app that’s already thriving in the market.

For example, a mobile app such as Transflo Mobile+ (which already has 2 million users) offers a custom app feature to carriers who want the look...


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